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Can Cows be free? Only in Hollywood.

Posted in Blogroll on March 28, 2012 by activeinspiration

Here we are in March of 2012, and dominating the news is the Supreme Court’s hearings on Obama Care.  It seems like the liberals have jumped on a young man’s death from a curious situation, of which facts surface daily.  Because this young man, Mr. Martin being black, all of the heavy hitters such as Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson are getting into the lime light for what ever reason, even some Congress members as well.

I’m wondering if this is just another distraction from what is really important for all of the American People.  (Whether some consider themselves as equal Americans or not.) What is important to me is that by my judgement our country is being threatened with change.  This change is not what we Americans really expect.  It feels like that scene in the movie “Independence  Day” where the dancer girl goes to the top of a skyscraper type building to welcome the aliens to our world.  The point is that what this dancer girl thought was going to happen, turned out to be a bit different.

When I look at these “hollywood fames” donating all of their funds and support, its like they figure they are in the “in crowd”, and when its all said and done they will be members of the elite.  The problem with this is that they are members of the rich also, and once these elitists have power, they will demand their money too.  Yes the “hollywood fames” will be just like the rest of us ignorant cattle that must be driven. 

Probably two ideas that have great difficulty staying positive together are hope and change.  Usually change causes one to depend on their hope just to deal with that change and the uncertainty it causes.  When hope comes into play, its usually when times are bad, not when they are good.  So I am left with a scary vision as to just what life would be like if President Obama were to return for a second term. 

Here we are after years of peace as far as racial issues go, that brought a black man to the White House, the most powerful man in the free world. If you just look at any industry you want to, race is quite mixed, and whether its the laborer or the CEO.  After all this is America, where in the past you could attain to what ever level or status or living one desired, all it takes is hard work.  Yet looking to our future, that opportunity is appearing to be a much more difficult goal to accomplish.

When our government dictates our actions, it becomes nothing more than our master.  We become nothing more than the problem that government has to deal with, and those in government will be more concerned with their own state of existence than of those that are governed.