Active Inspiration and Why It Is Here

Well I feel a need to express my inspirations so I write. I love to write devotions, and short studdies on the Word of God the Bible. Which sort of tips off what I love most, that is Jesus, and then there is my wife Sab, and our kids. I am a very rich man, not in what you would think, but in true wealth, my Family.

As a student of the Bible it gives me a perspective on life as we know it that fewer and fewer people understand. For example I don’t think that too many of you reading this would honestly say that you have read the Bible, especially from cover to cover, and even less more than once, and still less could say they continually study the Bible in depth. If you can say this then you would be a teacher as I am, and we would have wonderful discussions about God’s Word.

So, I, being honest and sharing with you in this way is to tell you that I do this in respect of all who I have discourse with. My intention is to share with you my opinion and that often includes what I believe.

Bill Collier


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