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Old is only demonstrated in the rational of ones mind. Youthfulness is expressed in the attitude of ones experiance.


Just who are these Tea Party People?

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Tea party people are in a dangerous place right now.  A place of being compartmentalized into what professional politicians or even what the media thinks would fit into their agenda, or world.

These factions of our society have a need for this so they can understand and define the Tea People. You might even say to control us, surly to judge us.

I believe they are frustrated because there are no defined leaders, in their world this is a necessity. There is no one to criticize or blame for what they see is wrong with the movement. Not to mention they would love to be either the voice or even the leader themselves.

There will surely be a few new leaders rise from the Tea People masses.  I hope that these individuals won’t be swallowed up into the political machine that has failed in their leadership of this country.

I also believe that if roles were reversed and we had Republicans doing what this administration has done. The Democratic American People would be voicing their dissatisfaction just the same.

In fact who’s to say that there isn’t already a proportionate amount of Democrats involved in the Tea People movement. After all they are being effected just the same as the Republican People.

Finally to define the Tea People myself.  I would say this is a wave or surge of the American People who feel let down by those politicians who according to our constitution, and our form of Government derived, have failed in their responsibility, by which they were elected. 

We the People if failing in the required duties of our jobs, are fired with no question.  So why would it be any different for our representatives in government?

Bill Collier

The Past and Future of Communication Technology

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I, and I’m sure a lot of others have been able to see that communication technology would end up in our TV’s.  However I must admit I didn’t consider the mobile aspect, but I am very thankful.  So I have made room for the mobile phone, or what I enjoy, the data phone in my world. 

As far as the TV, it is basically here.  Due to what I see there is quite a bit of resistance.  I don’t really think it comes from the consumer, but the marketer.  If they were to go straight to the TV, as far as being the hub of communication and research, I think all of those products wouldn’t have been created.  Yes the evolutional ones that have fallen by the wayside.  Of course marketer’s will continue to produce all of these distracting products, which is what they do, and I do believe it helps innovation. 

The Data Phone is the current wave of the future.  Still being in its formational stage of convergence, I don’t believe its definition or complete purpose has yet been realized.  I do believe though it will be a mobile reflection of the Telecommunication station we still refer to as the TV presently.  (Maybe we will call it the TVC in the future) 

I believe the data phone will take on new dimensions like looking inward, like a body monitor, able to detect the common cold, or other ailments that would improve our quality of life.  Possibly warn us of danger or tell those when they are approaching intoxication, and the list goes on.

Yes this stuff is very cool, and it is exciting to see what we will come up with.  The sky is literally the limit and our imagination is the vehicle with which we will arrive.

Bill Collier

Dysfunctional Thinking

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Here we are in 2010, and our country is in the depths of what is described as a recession, but to those who are suffering for lack of work might think a bit different.  Possibly even, using the curse-ed "D" word,  yes depression might fit their mood a bit better.  I hear from the info tube on one hand, unemployment is going down, yet the numbers say we are still shrinking in jobs. 

As long as the jobs shrink how can the unemployment count go down?  Even when the numbers for created jobs are claimed to be increasing I have trouble believing the truth in that, when my money is paying their salaries.  When business is standing still or more obvious shrinking just like unemployment, how can these so called jobs continue for an extended amount of time? 

That sounds like someone who got drunk the night before, and woke up hung-over.  They drink a few beers or whatever and the hangover is gone, but in reality they are just putting off the hangover until they have nothing left to drink.  Yes I am describing an alcoholic, of course then you see the mentality of this thinking to create new jobs, it is dysfunctional thinking. 

When I hear my President tell me he understands my budget and because of hard times, my need to cut back and save more money for a future emergency, referring to the probability of unemployment.  I see a very seriously dysfunctional mind.  I must wonder if the man is an alien, no not from another country, but planet.   

No one can survive in this way of thinking.  Well there are those alcoholics who because of their addiction will spend every last cent they get on their addiction.  Wow!  I have discovered where our President is coming from.  He’s not a narcissist, but either an addict or maybe the progeny of one, at least in his thinking. 

I’m sorry but this is the future of our way of life and the freedoms we are use to, and enjoying.  The only conclusion I can come to is that this President must be corrected and monitored closely or we the People must impeach him.  And that to me is very sad, so I will continue to pray for him and plead that His mind is transformed just as the bible says:

Rom 12:2  Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God.

Bill Collier