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Has Twitter Peaked? – Tech Trader Daily –

Posted in Blogroll on September 27, 2009 by activeinspiration

Twitter needs to get off of their duff!  Why would they think that just simply twitting 140 characters would be enough for us?  Of course online texting is a good thing, but when you connect with your phone and your net computer and so on, things begin to change and enlarge.

Being a user of Twitter I find myself wishing I could do more things instead of just simply 140 characters.  In fact I find myself hindered because of the limitations, its frustrating.  I believe you could do a lot more with Twitter, I believe you are actually a long ways from peaking.

For example, increase the amount of characters to at least the same as facebook and other social networks.  Incorporate photography into the tweets with a blow up when you hold your curser over the photo like yoono.  And then there is a whole lot more you could do in the area of grouping, for example on the Twitter page.  Give us the ability to group our friends together, and then those we solicit, and maybe those political figures we follow, and so on.

I’m just writing this blog of the top of my head remembering those instances of when I had wished I could do more.  I know you brainiacs at Twitter probably could come up with even better ideas if you would just put out those big fat stuffy cigars and get busy. 

I have faith in you guys, don’t let this great idea fall to the way side because you were afraid Twitter would turn into another social network.  No we don’t need that, but more versatility in communication, we can always use.

Bill Collier    

Has Twitter Peaked? – Tech Trader Daily –


Week in review: eBay cuts off Skype | Business Tech – CNET News

Posted in Blogroll on September 8, 2009 by activeinspiration

I feel there is a serious controversy happening here.   As some have noticed, the ability to make unlimited wifi calls on the net with a minimal cost has been possible for some time.  In the last couple of years it has even become possible on PDA’s.  If the PDA has access to Skype you have a wifi phone, and for around $10.00 a month you have unlimited calling to the world. 

I noticed the Nokia n810 and the Sony Milo are disappearing, and the price is going up on those if you can find a new one.  Nokia doesn’t sell the n810 any more, nor does Sony sell the Milo, and I believe the reason is because they do allow you to call on Skype.  Now Nokia has the n900, which is a cell phone, that does all of what the n810 does. 

Skype does offer a couple wifi phones, but how long will that be an option if the controversy continues.  I wonder which will go first, wifi or cellular?  With wifi growing everywhere, even in grocery stores for example, will they be able to curve the use of wifi phones. 

What about cities who offer a blanket of wifi coverage over the entire city, why use a cell phone?  For me the idea of a prepaid cell phone makes sense when you travel outside of the wifi coverage, instead of paying a monthly fee and signing a one or two year contract for a cell phone you will use occasionally. 

If you are one who uses the wifi phone for business because cell companies charge way too much for extensive calling.  You are on the cutting edge of this controversy.  Yes some companies do offer a flat fee for unlimited calling, but if you have wifi at home why do you even need one? 

It would be great if the cellular companies would just allow wifi calling on their phones.  It would sure free up the over taxed systems like at&t.  With the increasing amount of data being transmitted now days, you would think this would be a consideration.  After all if the city your in doesn’t have a blanket of wifi, you have to use a cell phone,  now it makes since.

I believe this is an issue that needs continued attention, my money is on wifi calling.   If the cellular companies don’t adjust, in time they will be loosing a lot of customers to wifi.  Maybe they already are, thus explains the controversy.

Bill Collier

Week in review: eBay cuts off Skype | Business Tech – CNET News

White House shifts on public health care option – Health care reform-

Posted in Blogroll on September 7, 2009 by activeinspiration

In retrospect, looking at what our famous government runs at present like United States Postal Service, Medicare, Social Security, and so on.  I think its safe to say they don’t have a successful track record at running anything with a balanced budget.  In fact the mentality is “spend or our budget will be lowered”.  So they spend and ask for more. 

The best idea then, would be to keep Government out of the business of health care, and anything else that has to do with trying to balance a budget.  The private health care industry has already created one of the best health care systems in the world. 

I believe with a few adjustments and some fundamental changes, we could have one of the most cost effective health care systems in the world also.  Our Government however, has a reputation of continued spending with no restraint. 

For example, malpractice, I’ve even heard one individual whom I can’t recall his name, state that the lawyers are untouchable, or nobody wants to go up against them.  I believe it is a must in order to control health care costs.  I also do believe when a patient is wronged, they should be taken care of, whether care or remuneration, but fairly for all sides, instead of these huge settlements in the millions, just so the legal council can get a bigger cut.

Another area is when doctors who for the sake of protecting themselves from malpractice, order a great number of procedures and tests that if they were just allowed to do their jobs, healing people, wouldn’t be required.  However I do believe there needs to be accountability on all sides too, this of course is a must. 

Just these two points in my opinion could cut the cost of health care in the US by 30-40%.  What if we looked at the hospitals, or other services connected to the health care system?  How much more savings?

Bill Collier

White House shifts on public health care option – Health care reform-