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“The only time you can tell a Democrat from a Republican is at election time”.

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Yes the lines between Democrat and Republican are beginning to blur as we see the political machine begin to churn out the New and Improved Barack Obama

I believe that is exactly what we are seeing in the transformation of President Elect Obama.  The American Political machine is running at full tilt to produce, yet one more great President.

As we are beginning to see the compromises and out right, about face movements of our President Elect, what I have always believed is coming true once again. 

What other President kept all of his promises?  Or should we demand that Mr.. Obama keeps his word?

On one hand, we should expect this basically because the direction the U. S. is heading takes time to alter.  Maybe that will be all that Mr.. Obama will have time for, or be allowed.  We definitely see these days that for change to come it seems to take more that four years. 

On the other hand, I hope that I am wrong in the time frame for change, but with so many players and so many agendas to satisfy, it truly will take a great President to accomplish what he promises.  Can President Elect Obama accomplish what he says?

But let your word ‘yes’ be ‘yes,’ and your ‘no’ be ‘no.’ Anything more than this is from the evil one.  Matthew 5:37  (Christian Standard Bible)

Bill Collier




Another Day in Crisis

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Well good day to you, I see as usual the news on our economy just seems to keep having a snow ball effect. I know there are many of you that are doing your best to respond to this real crisis.

I can’t help feel that this is a great payback for those companies who took away our jobs and outsource them to other countries. I can’t help think that God is saying:

“And you think I will bless your company after what you have done, outsourcing all of those jobs to save a buck!”

I must admit, I hope this finical crisis causes these companies to come home and take care of their own first! I’m just sorry we all have to suffer through this too.

No I don’t know what God thinks or says on this matter, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

I do hope that in all of this, that America becomes United again and takes care of their own first. after all who made these companies in the first place.

Bill Collier

A beacon that provides for the needs of the people.

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With the information age one of the byproducts rising to dominance is also the propaganda age. Not like in the cold war between countries, but between governments and individuals, between political movements and groups and agenda’s. 

We are no longer allowed the luxury of assumed truth.  Truth is a luxury like gold, that must be dug up from an earth of slander and misdirection.  From the claim found in the mountainous territory of liquid information.

But one of the benefits of this information age is the ability to seek out the truth. Not just simple relative truth, but absolute truth.  Not on a corporate level but on an individual level of effort.  Which is becoming the right and responsibility hopefully, of the individual.  Truth is still available to the individual if one will search and dig for it with diligence. 

Gone are the days of blind faith and trust. With so many players on the field, accountability is a luxury that accompanied honor, which has been replaced by deception and foolishness.

Honor and accountability? Is a fleeting character of truth looking for the shinning light.  My hope is that Honor and accountability will become that unusual beacon of the light of Truth that everyone is drawn to in times of despair and uncertainty. A beacon that provides for the needs of the people.  That light shines in the darkness, yet the darkness did not overcome it.  Gospel of John 1:5 (CSB)

Bill Collier

Stocks’ wild ride should continue this week – Stocks & economy-

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I don’t know why anyone would have a problem with finances.  What is the difference between thousands of dollars in a household budget and billions in a countries budget? 

Anyone in their own financial crisis knows the first thing you do is quit spending!  The second thing is eliminate unnecessary expenses.  The third thing to do would be, because of the uncertainty of the times, after the first two things are accomplished to the best of your ability, is to attempt to save if possible. 

Not knowing what is coming next in the near future, you should try to prepare for the unexpected as best as possible.  Our financial crisis is here and that’s a fact, now sooner or later we are just going to have to weather through it. 

I can’t help but think, at least in my world, I could see this coming.  I knew that the only thing driving the economy was real estate and technology.  I also have a hard time believing  that there weren’t others that didn’t see this coming.  If I, who am just your average Bill, ( The name Joe is already taken) could see it, surely there were others.

Could the lust for more, and the race to keep up with the Jones’s be the reason for our dilemma today?  Proverbs 11:28 in the Bible says:  Whoever trusts in his riches will fall, but the righteous will thrive like a green leaf. 

To be righteous is to be in right standing with God.  When you are there, it means simply that you are doing the right things.  That’s not chasing money and surly not desiring what your neighbor has, but being content with what you have and thankfully receiving it.

Bill Collier

Stocks’ wild ride should continue this week – Stocks & economy-

What’s the down side of expectations for Obama?

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Poll finds great expectations for Obama –

What we are seeing today, I’m sure 100% of the American people would agree that change definitely needs to come to the economy.  As President, Barak Obama would be a success if he could accomplish this alone.  Maybe throw in succeeding in the pull out of American Soldiers from Iraq.  I think the American People would be ecstatic and happy to keep him in office for the full eight years.

My concern is, if these problems are bigger than the solutions available, or options at his disposal.  If this financial crash goes to new depths or takes quite a long time to remedy.  Will the American People grow indifferent, or possibly begin to feel let down by our new President? 

The one thing that is unusual about our situation right now, is the hope the American people have for the future of America with Barak Obamb as President.  But what if this hope dies with frustration?  How long can the American people keep their chins up while our financial system crumbles around us?  The American People need jobs to work, income to bring home to their families.  When that is difficult or because of what is available is substandard, how long can they hold out?  Is the Government going to offer free rent, and maybe free food? 

Again, my concern is for our country and its People and I fear that the excitement we all feel today for our new leadership might very well be our frustration at this same leadership for there inability to remedy these problems tomorrow.

Bill Collier

Time always tells the Truth!

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This is a email I wrote to some young friends of mine.  Leaving their names out of course I thought I would share it with you my readers.

There is one big benefit in living a lot of years and that wisdom is allowing time to tell the truth.  Propaganda has played a very huge part in this election and also in our society in years past. 

What you need is something that you know is trustworthy and where honesty exists.  Time will show you that, in your family, and in Jesus. 

I in my life have found that true wealth is found only in family and the more you have the richer you are.  In Jesus and His word, standing the test of time, has proven to me to be the only message of love that has lasted through time. 

The Bibles you posses are documents far older than all of this propaganda that is touted today.  Your Bible is ancient, up to 6,000 years and possibly older, and God’s word has in fact stood the test of every attack conceivable through time and yet you posses multiple copies here today. 

That is the truth, this stuff you hear today is well, if you are a Christian, of the world and controlled by the evil one, who is the god of this world.  If we are Christians then, the Kingdom of God has come near and we have entered in by passing through the door, which is Jesus.  We Christians are not of this world, we are just passing through, on our way to God’s kingdom in which we belong. 

I personally have learned that just like propaganda from years gone by, so this stuff will to.  If it is the "truth" it will stand the test of time.  My advise to you is keep watching and pay attention to this stuff.  When you start to notice errors or inconsistencies in this logic, or something just doesn’t feel right,know that is the Holy Spirit showing you what is real.

For me, I have chased my lust for money and even fame, I have exhausted every avenue of lustful desire that was derived from my pride, and I was left wanting.  I have realized that even to possess the entire worlds riches would still leave me wanting.

My only satisfaction is Jesus, and the most valuable possession I have is my Salvation.  With my family I am content, with Jesus, I am at peace.  With this I now can see clearly what my future is and where I am going, and where I want to go.  Yes no pride, no lust, just the Peace of God that transcends all understanding.

With Love in Jesus

Bill Collier

Quote: "Everything is changing. People are taking the comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke." — Will Rogers

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Boy this is just the statement for this election. Will Rogers couldn’t have said it better for today. Of course this election is just a bit different, with what’s at stake. Or might it have been the same? Only then the threat was from outside the US.

A lot of people are very concerned about this election, because the threat isn’t from without, but from within. For the first time many Americans are concerned about the Socialistic overtones that are being presented in this election. Ideas that would have never sat well eight, or sixteen years ago with the American public.

History tends to show this kind of pattern in aging societies as population increases and that percentage of society becomes dependant on the government for its needs.

It reminds me of a film I watched when I was young. I remember it was in black and white. It was a social experiment in which, in a controlled environment, mice were placed and allowed to procreate. As the population grew things began to change. Clans were formed, wars were fought, and the survivors continued to grow in number. Till finally they reached that point in which they became lazy, and depended on the part of society that was still foraging for food and protecting them. As time went on they all became weak and didn’t seem to have any reason to live. Left fat and just basically laying around.

This study about mice had a huge impact on me because it became the measuring stick for my judgment of our society in a way. The reason is because I have been amazed at the correlation between these mice and our society.

Could this be our fate? Are we taking the first steps towards what we have just witnessed in Russia, and East Germany? Maybe we will do something more like China is doing with what I would call "Capitalistic Communism."

What ever is to happen in our country today is definatly going to effect us, but my real concern is for my children. What are we leaving them with the decisions we make this day of the election. Someone much smarter than I said, "What we condone today, the next generation will embrace tomorrow". The Biblical phrase would be "What you sow, you will reap".

Bill Collier