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Chart: ‘America’s Per Capita Government Debt Worse Than Greece’ | The Weekly Standard

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America has seen enough of liberalism, and socialism.

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America is hurting, the People are quickly being reduced to a state of apathy and fear. There is a lot of people beginning to appear in society that either are giving up on any initiative, or feel isolated and unsure of those around them. Yesterday I was leaving a Starbucks, when I had to wait on the people parked next to me to get in their car. I noticed when the man put the woman in the passenger side he pulled out his keys to lock her in as she was hitting the door lock. Neither one at this point had seen me behind them waiting, but when I was noticed the man hurried to get out of my way. It was as if he was afraid of me, like I was a bad guy or something. This caught my eye because it was very unusual with the level of their fear they exhibited.

When I look at the young people, they have a hard look on their face, as if to comunicate I’m somebody you don’t want to mess with. I understand this is an attitude communicated, that comes from the social influences surounding them such as the entertainment industry for example. This has been disintegrating for some time and now you have a generation caught up in an unsure future due to our leaders, and their inability to not only lead our country, but to set a positive example with honor and character.

Unfortunatly there is as war going in our country between the mentality of liberalism and conservatism. We have people who I would call the “have not’s”, fighting with the “have’s”. The have not’s want what the have’s have, yet with out working for it. They have even worked themselves up to the point that they will take it, if possible.

This isn’t anything new, I remember when I was young, I was frustrated because I had to settle for the work I could get, and the thought of working my way up was frustrating. I thought I could handle it, with out climbing the proverbial latter. However, now that I am older and I look at the youth, I see that they really aren’t prepared to “handle It”, they need to be schooled and that is climbing the latter. When I was young I thought I actually knew it all and I could even do better than what the “have’s” were doing. I must confess I was wrong. Not that I consider myself to be a “have”, but I do have more than when I was young.

There is a story recorded in the Bible referenced “the Prodical son”. The young man said to his father “I want my inheritance now”. The father in his wisdom went ahead and gave his son his inheritance. The son went out and partied and had a good time with his friends, well until the money ran out. Then with no friends and a stomach crying feed me, he found himself eating pig food out of the pig trough. Then he said to himself, it would be better to be a servant in my father’s house then to live like a pig, so he went home. The point is the young man had no clue how to be responsible with what he had, nor any realization that, that inheritance would become his children’s inheritance in the future. You should read the rest of this story it has a great ending.

We the People of America need to come together before its too late. We need to unite as one people once again. I particularly would prefer it happened with out a war, like what happened at Pearl Harbor, the beginning of World War II for us. In how it brought our nation together, united against our enemy. If we could intellegently unite with a common purpose working towards being the great Nation we once were, competeing economically, and being the sane country that promotes peace and freedom in the world. Ultimately, my desire is that we would return to God and to our Savior Jesus the Christ as a nation. Boy, then you would see our nation prosper in every way.

After saying all of this it leads me to say, that I believe as a nation we are now yearning for a Godly man who cares about the individual, as well as our nation and its presence in this world. Even being a nation who stands against any wrongs done in the world, who as President would be found to be a man ready to stand up in all facits to better our nation. We’ve seen what a president with his own agenda has brought us, and that is to reduce us to a nation of no significance personally or corporately in the world.

My question to each one of us is this, do you want this America we have become today? Do we want to follow the path Greese, or what the city of Detroit has experienced and become? One thing I would also say to those wealthy liberals, even socialists. Do you actually think, if we continued on this path towards socialism that you could retain your wealth? If the socialist want the rich to pay more taxes now, do you think it will end there when the masses become dependant on the government? Its difficult to see what life would look like when you live in the bubble of wealth. There are no friends of the greedy, only prospects for gain, especially in a socialistic government.

I believe, because we Americans have experianced Freedom at the level we have, at some point if we continue in the direction of socialism, the People of America will fight back, even to the level of civil war, unfortunately. I pray we wake up before that because if this happens, and we are divided, we will fall prey to a predator country. This will change the entire world as we know it, and what lives will we, or our children have then?

What our forefathers of this country gave us was a gift of true freedom. A freedom of which allows the individual to be the best they want to be, the richest, the most intelligent, the greatest  imaginable. Why would we just throw this all away, because we want something right now and aren’t willing to work for our desires and goals? We are in a very pivotal historical place in the history of the United States of America.

Superman is happy

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Wi-Fi is the answer to telecoms limiting data, not to compensate, but to replace the ball and chain.  The new phone booth, Wi-Fi hotspots.

Perfect Existence

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Americanism is the best form of existence to live under in a fallen state, compared to existence with God before the fall. Because it is based on God’s Word; you shall love your neighbor.

Give all.

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To give all of yourself to God is to embark on the adventure of Life for which you were created. To settle for what I can imagine is to sell this God created life short and live a life fallen in wreckage and death.

The issue isn’t pro choice, birth control, condoms or abortion or government control.

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I don’t understand why the argument revolves around birth control, abortion, or pro choice, especially with the religious circles.  It has to do with responsibly, on a corporate, as well as personal level.

The only reason any of these issues exist is because people want to do what they want to do, with no regard or responsibly for their actions.  Nobody has sex with the understanding their responsibly for their actions will last for eighteen years or more.  Well unless their desire as husband and wife, is to bring a baby into this world.  Which gives intelligent understanding to what “Marriage” actually is, and the true understanding of the meaning of “Responsibility”.  Thus a clear understanding of when life begins.

To those who just want to get their jiggy on, well, we can understand their motivation.  The last thing they want to do is “pay for parking” so to speak.  They only want to be a memory, only for the fun. 

To those who want to wait to have children or don’t want any more children, I leave that issue to their own personal convictions.

Thats where it ultimately resides, on personal responsibly, regardless of what the government does.  So should the government be involved in our personal decisions?  Are you kidding me?  Heavens no!

The corporate or church involvement in these issues is now visibly understood as support of our personal responsibilities and convictions, as it should be.  Not even the church desires to be involved in our personal decisions or responsibilities, other than supportively.


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Jewish & Christian religion are the most obvious signs of freedom and prosperity when allowed to flourish in a country. 

Go ahead and try to find any other religion on the planet that comes close.  Now maybe we have an understanding of what makes America America in the world.

We see the hands of America hanging at our sides as horrible atrocities are happening in the Middle East as the allies of America and Israel are eliminated. 

Even our own military is not allowed to do what they were sent to do.  The American Public were lead to believe we were sent to help and protect
the Afghan people.  Instead our young men are restricted from doing their jobs and put in harms way.  Somethings got to change and that is in the White House.