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The Iquitarod!: Sarah Palin’s Latest Arctic Sport

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Wow the left has went full on Nazi, even beyond liberal belief!  Why don’t they just hire a hit man to accomplish their missions of assassination! 

Why?  I believe they prefer to not only murder someone, but to defame any kind of reputation that might be left.

My biggest question is why are they so vehement towards Sarah Palin, what are they so afraid of, that motivates this kind of behavior?

I believe that they know that if they give way to respect for another human being who believes in stuff like family or honor or moral rectitude, and finally traditions that have served the American People for centuries might be right.  That truthfully, shows any change to what these liberals might have to offer would be inferior. 

It is obvious now as we have a much better view of what direction our current administration is leading us in, is very dangerous and costly.  Not only financially, but maybe even in the way of life we American People have become accustomed to over the years. 

We the American People will only tolerate this for so long, and I believe that “long” is becoming very short, quickly.  The best indicator of that is the vote for no more taxes in California recently.

I also believe what the left fears about Sara Palin the most, is her amazing likeness to what I would call the “HEARTBEAT OF AMERICA”.  That she is the image and voice of the average American and what they believe. 

When it comes down to the different parties, Americans could care less.  The important thing is that politicians would do the right thing in the interest of the American People and for the American People.

Bill Collier 

Geoffrey Dunn: The Iquitarod!: Sarah Palin’s Latest Arctic Sport


My Response to Sarah Palin’s letter

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Way to go Sarah, you are so right about current government being blindly detached from the American People.  Yesterday’s 4th celebration for us in Ca. was about American unity and a repeated expression throughout the day of "God Bless America" in statements and song as well.  All Races and Creeds of American People stood in unity at the National Anthem, unlike what we see in our leaders.

Bill Collier