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The Climate of thought is changing for Americans

Posted in Blogroll on June 2, 2010 by activeinspiration

In the last month people I come in contact with are beginning to discuss America a lot more in conversations.  Many I believe is because of their concern with others thinking that because they don’t like or agree with the current administration would mean that they are prejudice, or even racist, but now have worked through this and because of the events happening under this current administration can’t keep quiet any longer.  On the other hand those that consider themselves liberal or democrat have become a lot more contentious and defensive. 

Now with things the way they are, the gulf oil spill, the terrorist attacks at Ft. Hood, and others, and those that were fortunately only attempts.  The issue on border defense in Arizona and Texas, the disrespect our President showed this last weekend being Memorial Day, by not continuing the tradition of visiting Arlington National Cemetery, and probably more that doesn’t come to mind right now, has caused a shift in the way people are feeling, and viewing this administration. 

Leaving the house this morning and through the day, just on the radio listening to a couple of programs, I am sensing this same mood of sort, that people are getting bummed more and more by the day. There is a feeling of “this is too big to comprehend, life is changing too fast and I don’t like the direction things are going”. 

Even listening in on some conversations here and there, the topic is worry and uncertainty.  People are saying “we should be thankful we have food and shelter and a job”.  Every one knows people who are out of work, or loosing their jobs, or both.  My own son is trying to get summer work to offset the high interest rate on student loans and is having a very difficult time just finding a minimum wage job through the summer.  What’s weird is I live in So California, no one is safe from what’s happening.

What’s the solution?  There is only one that makes any since, and that is to get active in voting for those you have researched and feel will represent you and will not attempt to be your caretaker.  We have these caretakers in office now who treat us like we are stupid and can’t fend for ourselves, and look what they have done with our faith in them to represent us, to protect us. 

Voting in those who will represent and protect our interests will help us in the future, but right now there is something we can do for immediate results.  That is to  communicate to our representatives from local to federal government, letting them know we will not tolerate any more of this ridicules mismanagement of our country and our children’s future. 

I’m not referring to any party or group individually, but to those who are now in office and those who will run for office in the future.  We must keep them accountable, and hold them responsible for their actions.  The time of career politicians is over in my opinion.  How could we let them vote for their own raises and health plans, not to mention retirement too?  I believe the constitution designed a much simpler form of government that in no way burdened the American People as our government does today.  We need to choose these kind of representatives that ease the burden not weigh down our backs like slaves.

So the key solution for the peace of our future and the way of life we have all enjoyed is to get involved, speak up and don’t let anyone in office have more power than they need to represent our needs in freedom, which is what we are “FREE AMERICANS”.