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Its Time for Telecom’s to be Humbled?

Posted in Blogroll on September 30, 2011 by activeinspiration

This was my comment on an article posted by Android Headlines titled:  “Verizon “DROID Loyalty” program in the works”

I have been dissatisfied with Verizon for some time now, not with their service and coverage, that’s been great.  My dissatisfaction has been with the way they treat their existing costumers.  I feel like they don’t care if I change to another provider or not, they offer no reward for loyal customers, nor any realistic incentive to stay, other than dependable coverage and no dropped calls, which is a big deal.  at&t offers “Rollover Minutes, Boost offers three consecutive price reductions over eighteen months of loyalty, and I’m sure others have more incentives to stay.  Here is my comment:

“For me, its not being kicked to the curb as much as “why get a new phone when my old one is working fine”.  Especially when they want you to pay half or more of the full price and then having to contract for two years.  This is where the attractiveness of other providers becomes a real equation in my decision.  Unfortunately I believe these companies are about to see their first substantial customer resistance to 1. renew contracts and 2. convert to the new latest smart phone.  Not to mention the additional options to the individual surfacing continually to communicate.  I personally think its time for these companies to get real, and serve their costumers for a change.  That is if you want customer loyalty.”

I am one who likes to observe trends and sort of track directions of things I’m interested in.  I believe we are in the beginnings of a paradigm shift that the telecom’s are not seeing.  The infatuation with all of the new technology is beginning to overwhelm many and the intense slavery to the tech machine is causing people to yearn for the simpler life.  Even though there are many conveniences brought by the insurgence of tech, people are beginning to say this is just too much.  Understandably its great in the work place, but this stuff is turned off at the end of the work day.  Of course there are many like me who enjoy tech and can’t get enough, but even I now and then reminisce back to the days of uninformation, or the days when payphones were everywhere.  I even remember when the first three minutes cost a dime.  I believe every facet of life or what ever, needs a good tune up now and then, and we are heading there in the near future with tech.  Again I’m speaking about the general public.  It healthy to take inventory and contemplate ones life and style.


Faith and Death

Posted in Blogroll on September 28, 2011 by activeinspiration

Death as experianced by survivers is an experiance that must conclude that God did not create us just mortal.  We should look on to Immortality with the understanding that faith is the substance/guarantee of things hoped for and the assurance/evidence of things unseen.  The fact that God has given us the gift of Faith is to say don’t worry, I AM confident in you and created you for this moment, you have what it takes to endure.   Hebrews 11:1

Social Media with People and their excuses, like “its complicated”

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We humans always have a plan or an end game in play.  There is always a reason for what we either are about to do or are doing.  We see this even more clearly as social media continues to evolve into who knows what.  I imagine in time, if not already, social media will have a resemblance to our experience as humans.  The challenge is, will we be able to keep up with all of the images, or portrayals of ourselves we produce attempting to accomplish the satisfaction of our own desires.

In the past when all we had, was basically written or verbal communication, by letter or phone. Where the “gift of gab” so to speak, was the art of accomplishing our end game.  The beauty of discovering the truth then and now is still observation of actions and remembering what has been said.  With social media documentation has improved.  We see this in all of those who have suffered old stuff about them gone viral on the net from what was said either written or in video or photos.   I think people will have to adapt, to protect themselves much better in the future.  But what about when your young?  That’s where the true danger is, be careful young people, what you say or do could come back to bite you where it hurts when your older.

My daughter who asked a question on a social medium of which I don’t remember verbatim, partly because its true, and to protect her anonymity.  Asked what it meant when someone used the phrase “What do people mean when they answer its “complicated”.  Here is my answer:

People don’t want to answer by saying its complicated.  People walk around like they are carrying a projector screen saying look at the screen that’s me.  They don’t want anyone to see who they really are, they prefer to present an image they can manage.  Thus the end game.  Figuring this out requires one to go for the ride for a while to see just what their motivation truly is. Being one who believes the Truth of God allows me to shed the skin of worldly pride and live trying to be honest about who I am and to others.

Being a Christian, I enjoy God’s Word, the Bible in how it works on me and helps me to become who God created me to be.  Anything else is to settle for second best, I don’t want to live an inferior life, rather than the one God has given me, and I find it difficult to understand why anyone else would.  My advise is to simply pick up the Bible and read, and while you’re reading, talk to God, and then keep reading to see what His answer is.

Is Apple a falling Star?

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I’ve been seeing for about a month or two the lack of the normal leaks and energy associated with the up coming announcement of this years Apple upgrades.   In a short while I believe Apple will evidence their own slump in sales and the first confirmation will be the iPhone 5 sales.  Apple has hinted that they are planning on selling one iPhone 5 to three iPhone 4’s. I would attribute this to the public’s comfort-ability with 3G.   Of course one must ask what happens with their new tablet.  Which if they want to keep their lead should be a quad-core.  If they choose to stay with the pack, then they become just another one of the tablets.  If they do go with the quad-core their challenge is to maintain their price structure.  An increase means further decrease in sales, unless Apple has yet something else new and exciting up their sleeve.

After Hp unloaded their tab’s, the market realized that price has been the reason for stagnation, not competition, or their OS.  Hp might have something here, if they can make up their loss from the tab’s on apps and accessories etc, they might want to go home and rethink themselves.

I’ve heard all the hubbub over Mr. Jobs resigning, and yes I can go with the health issue but, its interesting the timing is when he is building their massive new campus in Cupertino Ca.  One could think his priorities have shifted towards his legacy rather than the company’s continued success.  One good thing is the apprentice has had some good on the job training.   So in closing, being that I don’t prefer Apple products, for several reasons, I do enjoy watching Apple and their success.  I am of late a bit concerned  about that so with a final ado, all hail the Emperor whose time now is spent building the death star in Cupertino Ca., isheep and clones are rallying to this event.

This diagram is courtesy of the Mac Observer a diagram of the spaceship: –