Religious differences must die amongst Christians!

We have come to a time of which the Christian faith must be defended. The attacks continue to increase on our Christian liberties, and this current administration is continuing to mount its attack on morality.

With the news released last Friday regarding Obamacare insisting Christians are required to support abortion and other forms of contraception shows a clear pattern of dismantling our religious freedom.

If we Christians do not unite, we will suffer these unacceptable consequences. Using the term “to agree to disagree” and move towards the unification of all Christians for the purpose of defending our Christian liberties is a necessity to our survival.

We are on the threshold of religious persecution in America that will only increase in our children’s lifetime. We can win now, but lack of action, which is Christian tradition in America, will seal our children’ fate.


2 Responses to “Religious differences must die amongst Christians!”

  1. This is why it is so important for Christians to get involved in politics instead of being politically agnostic.


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