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Socialism or Capitalism? Give me Dirt!

Posted in Blogroll on November 28, 2009 by activeinspiration

As I was listening to Rush today I was looking at my children’s ant farm.  Its one of those new ones with gel instead of dirt.  The problem with these is, their food is in the gel, so they have all the food they need.

Looking at the farm, behind it was a picture of one with dirt and in the tunnels all over the place with ants working and moving eggs and just a lot of activity and growth.  This is what I remember as a child with my ant farms.

As I looked back at the gel farm, out of 25 ants in this one, 2 were digging in 2 different tunnels just 2 inches long, and a couple were trying to get out of the farm.  The rest of the ants were laying around on the surface doing nothing.

My conclusion was, watching the dirt farm, they were alive and industrious, while looking at the gel farm my conclusion is they are dying and we will be throwing it away soon.
I don’t think anyone wants a gel life, I say give me dirt!

When there is no incentive in life there is no growth.  In our society we have several descriptions for those with no incentive to grow or prosper, but our nation is founded on hard work and prosperity in all facets of our lives.  Again I choose Dirt!

Bill Collier


Change Obama

Posted in Blogroll on November 26, 2009 by activeinspiration

There was this flood, and this man who refused to leave his home. As the waters rose the man retreated to higher ground in his home until finally he was on the roof. Then some rescuers came by in a boat and said come on we will save you. The man replied, no God will save me. A while later another boat of rescuers came by and said the waters are still rising and told the man to get in the boat. The man said no way, I am waiting for God to rescue me, I’ll trust Him. Finally the flood rose to the point that the mans last stand was on the top of his chimney, and a helicopter hovered over him with a rope and told him to grab the rope and they would carry him to safety. The man replied no I will wait for God to rescue me. Finally the man of course died, and when he stood before God he said Lord why didn’t you rescue me? God answered; I sent you two boats and a helicopter what do you expect?

The point is, the longer our President sits around talking the harder it will be to recover, if at all as the Nation we know. I question how many deaths are so far attributed to his procrastination, approaching one hundred days in Afghanistan? What does this make our President, friend or foe? Obviously to even him this health care plan is unattainable, and too expensive. Is he waiting for God to rescue us? I would urge the President to act, and do the right thing, and abandon any agenda’s or political goals he has and grab the rope, because God has already sent the answer and the plan to get us out of this mess that our President is creating. His promises are not working, everything he has said seems to be the opposite to his implication. This not the change the American people voted for him for. The hope he promised is vanishing. It is now time for President Obama to change.

Bill Collier