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Our Candidates and the Our Future

Posted in Blogroll on September 23, 2008 by activeinspiration

You know I don’t understand why everyone seems to hate her so much.  Personally I think they are jealous and afraid of her.

I love her and I am voting for her!  I am praying and fasting for our country and I hope you do too.  Our country needs her!  Our country also needs ALOT of GRACE and MERCY.  God help us!

God Bless,


You know your right, its like our two candidates present a very clear picture of our future.  One of going in a direction of uncertainty and even danger, promising change, while the other gives a view of possibly life as usual.  My hope for our kids sake if Jesus tarries, is that McCain and Palin are influenced by the American Citizens desire and even want for change. Then we would have our cake and eat it to. 

I think the root of the problem in the finance community is when they changed the law that required banks to have one dollar to every ten they would loan out, now they just loan out what ever amount and nothing tied to their deposits.  Like loaning money with only zero, or air to back it up.  In turn now that so many people can’t pay their bills the domino’s fall and the banks defaulted loans pile up and their expenses  get so extreme they can no longer function, and they default on the clearing houses such as Fanny May and Freddie Mac, and so on.  Then they close and the investors they do have, are left suffering the real loss.  The final stage is when our Government can’t bail them out, that’s call depression.  Maybe McCain and Palin are our Franklin D. Roosevelt for these times of change. 

The sad part about this Election that we have come to, is all we hear and read is the bending of the truth so it appears as a lie and the same with lies, calling them the truth.  I think the only truth I have heard is "look at my record of service".  That is fact, and I believe the only evidence I have to vote by.  Experience is what we need now, not some spoiled snot nosed brat leading America, followers fall away very quickly when they realize the one they are following doesn’t have what it takes to travel in uncharted waters such as these.  America is weak and along with those countries that are tied to our financial markets can’t afford too many more wrong decisions either. 

Its amazing how the wisdom of God’s Word is prudent in our times,  "A wise man is known by the number of his councilors"  How many councilors do you think these running mates have, who do you think has more?  In my own experience in life, I must say, the older I get the more I realize I need advise, not because I’m not wise, but because I can’t afford being wrong. 

I started writing you back and realized this is something I needed to blog on, so I will upload this to my blogs and if you want you can read it there too.

God Bless You

R. William Collier


Course, You Could Just Shut the Company Down and Give the Money Back to the Shareholders | John Paczkowski | Digital Daily | AllThingsD

Posted in Blogroll on September 7, 2008 by activeinspiration

It would be nice just once to see a company that could make a profit, satisfy its stock holders and keep their interests completely in America.  I’m afraid that if this trend continues we will be the victims of our own greed.

I truly believe with these elections for President that yes, change is in the air but, also we are on the threshold of a new surge of pride in the "United" States of America. 

Those who have sold out to foreign interests as the oil industry has, will probably face a similar demise that looms in their near future as the world changes because of the emergence of the new foreign companies as they gain wealth and power in the world market. 
Put Pride back in America for our children’s future.

R. William Collier

Course, You Could Just Shut the Company Down and Give the Money Back to the Shareholders | John Paczkowski | Digital Daily | AllThingsD