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The True meaning of Christmas.

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There is no new “true meaning of Christmas” just the same as it has always been.  I don’t really understand why someone would want to change a tradition that has been going on for centuries.  But they, those few, are relentless at their attempt to remove Jesus from His own birthday.

This is the definition according to  

  • A Christian feast commemorating the birth of Jesus.
  • December 25, the day on which this feast is celebrated.
  • Christmastide.

    Yes capitalism has worked its way into this wonderful day in which we commemorate our Savior’s birth, and yes, I believe a bit too much.  For the Christian although, we still know and understand that we are celebrating our Savior’s birth, as we remember that He left God the Father’s side out of eternity to be born of a virgin, in order to express the Father God’s love to all of mankind. 

    Yes its about the Love of our Creator and His Son Jesus, that’s all.  There is no threat to anyone, there is no reason or justification for anyone to be offended, nothing.  Just a thankful heart of a person mature enough to commemorate the birth of God who truly loves us for who we are, and not what we are. 

    To anyone who has any other opinion of what Christmas day is about, I would suggest that you read the account of it which is found in the Holy Bible, and understand that the Holy Bible is an ancient Love Letter written to you by God, written over 1,500 years by some 40 authors, from kings to paupers, inspired by God Himself.  All with the same common purpose of communicating God’s love for you.  All summed up in these two verses :

    For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.  For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.   John 3:16,17 (New King James Version)

    So with this I say to you, Merry Christmas and a happy new year. 

    Bill Collier



    Gaza reduced to beggary – Washington Post-

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    It surprises me every time I either read an article or watch a news video telling me of these people who suffer because their own neighbors are launching rockets into Israel.  Some two thousand this year alone, according to this article.  Why don’t they just simply ask them to stop because their own people are suffering, instead of blaming Israel, the place where these rockets keep landing.

    Surely these people in Gaza City know who is responsible for launching the rockets.  If it were here in the U.S. and Arizona was launching rockets into Mexico, and Mexico was firing back at us in California.  Do you think for a minute that California would blame Mexico?  No way, we would be on our way to Arizona, and I promise you they would stop firing rockets very quickly, or else!

      I don’t remember ever reading or hearing that Israel was the one who started firing on the Gaza first.  In fact, Israel has always been a nation who just wants to exist.  Just like every other nation on this planet.  What is so bad about that?  Why can’t they have their very insignificantly small piece of land?  Well, when you look at the size of the land that the Moslems possess.

    The solution is so simple, just stop!  I’ll bet if you did, Israel would follow suet and lift the sanctions on Gaza quite soon.  Especially on the essential humanitarian needs of these people suffering in the Gaza.  Knowing from my own past experience with the way the Jewish people come to the aid of those suffering, would be the first to help.  At the Oklahoma bombing years ago if the Jewish organizations weren’t the first there to help financially or other wise they were running a close second.

    I say put Israel to the test, and stop firing rockets and see what Israel does.

    Bill Collier

    Gaza reduced to beggary – Washington Post-

    PC World – The Most Anti-Tech Organizations in America

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    I  totally agree with this article, especially with the question of weather we totally own these media’s which we purchased with our hard earned money.  I’m surprised they don’t make us sign a contract restricting us on how many friends we can allow to view or listen to our media with us.

    In the old days it was understood that you didn’t broadcast the media and that was about it.  Until the “real to real” and the “cassette” we really couldn’t even copy it.  Yes maybe it is a little more complicated now to some extent, but the concept should remain similar to then. 

    Again in the old days they were paid by commercials and sales of the audio products.  What we are reading in this article is nothing more than greed at its finest.  I don’t know why, for example, the networks aren’t just airing their media with commercials as before. 

    What I suggest is that we start producing our own media on the net with the understanding that you are sharing it with the world and hook up with Google and and get paid for the ads or any other way to get paid while airing your media.

    Technology is going to advance to such a state in the future that these so called PACs will find it impossible to keep up with.  Sort of like it was a century ago when they transmitted into the airwaves which were considered free. 

    There is enough good talent from what I have seen on the net to keep me entertained without ever accessing the monopoly giants.  If they can’t get with the times let the dinosaurs pass into history. 

    Bill Collier

    PC World – The Most Anti-Tech Organizations in America

    2 killed in Christian center shooting – Crime & courts-

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    We have another shooting, and yet another, not only this one one in Arvada, Colo.,  but also at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs Colo.  It saddens me to hear this kind of news that imply’s we Christians aren’t even safe at church. 

    I can’t help but think that when you have the small amount of people that are doing their best to remove Christianity from our society, just like they removed prayer from our schools.  They continue to follow their agenda of secularization of our nation to the point, of total segregation.  That they would be surprised at this kind of news. 

    The news of the day is kids going on shooting rampages in all sorts of public places, and now even churches.  Obviously says that there is nothing sacred any more. 

    So what would you expect to happen when a generation of our children grow up with no example of morals other than what the public schools teach?  Can you, small group of people, who have your own selfish reasons for doing what you are doing to this nation even have a right to be surprised when the outcome or your activism is this kind of action?

    There is hope still, there is a way to turn this tide of horror that grips our nation with grief.  As we all feel the pressure of paranoia and anxiety in our everyday lives, fearing from outside and now even from within the very borders of our homeland.  And that is to return to the Christian morals this country was known great for in the past.

    To reiterate a statement of which I don’t know who is responsible for:   “What this generation condones the next generation will embrace” 

    Bill Collier


    2 killed in Christian center shooting – Crime & courts-

    Will AT&T, Verizon really open their networks? – MarketWatch

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    Well it is great to see that the power is still with the People!  This article is an admission that what the people want they had better get or else.  Verizon is wise enough to see or maybe keep tally of its customers who communicate what they want, as far as service and product. 

    You saw how phone number portability was so popular, by gosh so would be phone portability.  These phones aren’t getting any cheaper, especially with all the new features and capabilities.  As they move towards all of these new uses, the price keeps going up.  Now if we could just get the makers of these devices to make something that would last as long as the contract, then they we would really have something. 

    With the economy slowing, and the signs of a serious tightening of the belt by the consumer.  These companies had better pay attention to the direction that we the consumer will have to go.  Maybe having even to cut back on the amount we have been spending on our little gizmo’s due to economics.

    Bill Collier


    Will AT&T, Verizon really open their networks? – MarketWatch