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WorldNetDaily: Putting the ‘thanks’ back into Thanksgiving

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Now here is an article that communicates the beginning of Thanksgiving!  The writer here gives us the history from an objective position, and then he shares from his personal convictions.

Greg Laurie is a Pastor and so knowing that means what he says contains no hidden agenda.  He is speaking from his perspective as a Christian Pastor.  Unlike the article I wrote previously to this one.

To look at Thanksgiving, you have no choice but to look at it from the Christian perspective because that’s who these pilgrims were.  Christians escaping religious persecution, looking for a new start by faith in God.  Trusting God to see them through at what ever the cost. 

They were Thankful to God for preserving them and also the new friends they were sharing the meal with.  Who as it turned out, because of the time of year had there own version of Thanksgiving feast, it was a good match.

I would recommend reading Greg’s article for its objectivity, and also its honesty in sharing the love of God.

WorldNetDaily: Putting the ‘thanks’ back into Thanksgiving


Americans mark Thanksgiving the way their forebears didn’t – Yahoo! News

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This blog is more than anything directed at the author of this article.  I will make it short and to the point.

Karin Zeitvogel I hope that no one ever writes an article about you or your life after the pattern you have written this article.  It seems to me that you prefer to use speculation and hearsay as your preferred tools to craft your real intention here.  Which is nothing else than to shoot down an American tradition. 

To say that football would push out Christianity and the “Church Service” obviously allows the reader to know you were writing this from a personal position rather than from the objective. 

I’ll bet you suffer from writers block quite often, seeing how, if there is no personal conviction the words don’t come.  Well I think you should look for another way to communicate your agenda than to attack issues from ignorance just because someone has told you the pen is mightier than the sword.

My advise to you, is don’t celibate Thanks Giving, just watch football, and save yourself allot of time.

Americans mark Thanksgiving the way their forebears didn’t – Yahoo! News

Holiday travelers on the move – News-

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You would think that with gas prices, the home equity and financing slump, and even the stock market turmoil.  More people would play it safe with their finances and just stay home for the holidays. 

It gives me the feeling that we just keep going on oblivious to what might be signs, or warnings to really tighten the belt, financially.  The future seems dim from just about every direction.  Dim in regards to living like we are still in a growing economy. 

It goes to show you that we the people of America don’t want to change our lifestyles, no matter how far in debt, or whatever gets in our way, that would dictate tightening the financial belt.  Its like we are living in a bubble or a fantasy, oblivious to our changing economy. 

It concerns me when we become so blind to what is happening around us that we probably will pick our next President based on who can tell the best story for the brightest future.  I can’t help but think of these verses in the Gospel of Matthew:

“For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah. “For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and they did not understand until the flood came and took them all away; so will the coming of the Son of Man be.  (Matthew 24:37-39 NASB)

Reading the complete sermon Jesus gives here, will shed even more light on the way people are these days right here in our own society.


Holiday travelers on the move – News-

Yahoo ultimatum over Europe performance – Financial Times-

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I believe Yahoo to be doing just the right thing.  Designing their services to be user friendly is a must, and the ultimate necessity.  The percentage of geek’s out there is relatively minuet compared to those with no savvy.  

Even though I would categorize myself as one who loves to get inside of a program and figure out every detail just because it is new. I fall back after its newness wears off to just go for the simplicity of its use.

For example using Windows Live Writer, it is its simplicity I love and the ease of uploading my blogs to multiple sites, its in and out Burger.  

Sooner or later the general public of the Internet will demand simplicity and speed to be their choice of use, even to the point of sacrificing more complicated functions that would allow them to do more.  Even to the point of loyalty of supplier.

Yahoo ultimatum over Europe performance – Financial Times-

Mystery $100M donation lifts Pa. city – Yahoo! News

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This is what life should be about, this is what news should be about!  Just considering the beauty of this act and the insistence of the donor remaining anonymous. 

Today is “Random acts of kindness day”, and what a wonderful act of kindness this truly is.  For this person you can’t help but know that this gift cost them something to give this act of kindness, and following the biblical stance on giving:

“But when you give to the poor, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving will be in secret; and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.  Matthew 6:3-4 (NASB)

It isn’t done this way so that the Father God will reward you.  Of coarse if you have ever given anonymously and stood back and watched the good that comes from it.  You will know that it is quite hard to imagine any better reward than that.  But the icing on the cake so to speak, is that our Father in Heaven does reward us.

From this article you should be amazed at how everyone automatically excepts the giver’s anonymity.  Being a donation of 100M, you would think people would be freaking out just to find out what kind of insane person would do such a thing. 

That isn’t the attitude of today’s social  thinking.  But amazing as it is, these people except the circumstances in which the money is given, with thanksgiving and honor and tears of joy.  It has the makings of a very warm and wonderful holiday season.  Maybe even returning to a time, an attitude, when we just thanked God for His Kindness.


Bill Collier


Mystery $100M donation lifts Pa. city – Yahoo! News

Ga. governor prays for rain amid drought – Yahoo! News

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It’s nice to see when someone is at their worst that they are not afraid of what people will say.  Governor Sonny Perdue is this kind of man, and leader.  A leader who will stand up for God, recognizing Him as the solution to the problem.  Not going to soothsayers or psychics, like allot of our leaders would do today. 

Just to come across an article like this is very refreshing to my heart and my spirit as a Christian, and it motivates me to join in and to agree with Governor Sonny Perdue, asking our Lord God to please bring rain for Ga. in the Name of Jesus.  And I will continue to pray for rain for this state. 

Our country has gone to far in a lot of ways, especially in the area of not honoring God and giving Him the respect and reverence due Him.  I believe that we are suffering as a country because of this fact.  No not being punished as some would like to say, but because in neglecting God, He has no choice but to honor our attitude and neglect us also. 

God is a Gentleman when it comes to His relationship with us.  He will not force Himself on us nor will He get angry at us for our neglect of Him.  His time of anger was two thousand years ago when Jesus our Lord and Savior suffered our punishment, for yours and my sins and rebellious neglect and rejection of God. 

God’s Wrath is in the future when He will fully honor the wishes of those who choose to not believe in Him, or those who don’t want anything to do with Him.  When He gives them exactly what they have wanted all along, separation from God once and forever.

Bill Collier

Ga. governor prays for rain amid drought – Yahoo! News

Volcanoes could have caused dinosaur deaths

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I have just a little, well maybe allot of trouble believing this article.  As usual the writer assumes a whole bunch of information to be truthful fact.  We are looking at, as this article states, a time in history that is from 63 to 67 million years ago. 

Do you think some decay has taken place in that amount of time?  Or maybe a whole lot of changes that have taken place unnoticed to this research which they claim to be new. 

Even studying fossils, or DNA that just happened to be preserved enough to be examined 63 to 67 million years later seems a bit of a stretch to me.  Look at how quick they are claiming the ice shelves are melting.  Do you think that this episode will be remembered 63 to 67 million years from now?

Its too bad that people who are supposed to be educated and even trained for special studies such as these could find better ways to convince me than to use speculation, which is tomorrow’s fact, and enormous amounts of time to justify their research. 

Honestly, to me when these kind of excuses are used I can’t help but feel there goes another education sold out to the lust of money and fame.  Honesty is a rare commodity these days among these kinds of researchers.


Volcanoes could have caused dinosaur deaths – LiveScience-