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Is The Emergent Movement Fizzling?

Posted in Blogroll on December 4, 2009 by activeinspiration

The overall consensus I have on this subject is, my observations have seen a widening gap between the emergent’s and us Good Old Bible Believing Jesus People (GOBBJP).  It is easier now to spot those emergent’s than ever, and I imagine will get even easier  in the future.

Musicians are notorious for jumping on the bandwagon of anything new, in fact they are new style junkies who in my opinion tend to be shallow in their Biblical knowledge and thinking.  They have to be watched closely for slippage, as we have seen in the past.  They, like some pastors have this "I’m God’s favorite" attitude or belief, which if allowed to go unchecked will crash and burn given enough time.  All because they have a gift or calling, that puts them in front of the church, who ironically looks up to them as examples of what it means or looks like to be a Christian.

What I am saying is those who jump on the emergent bandwagon usually do so because of the infatuation with it all, its all new, and ready to be experienced, and they are in front of the line.  I believe we are in a place in time with this, that a lot of those who got involved are sneaking back to the GOBBJP side now.

What I have found myself growing in concern about, is those who have taken a staunch position against the emergent movement.  I understand their feeling like there is no one to trust.  Because of their stance they become silent due to those they talk to, who basically don’t want to hear it.  Some have stopped going to church, and when you talk to them its like they now pick apart every church they go to as they attempt to find a “emergent free” church.  They have a bad case of paranoia. 

Then the Pastors or even Worship leaders who maybe have got caught up in this before they knew it.  Who got out of it only to find its too late, their name has been associated with them.  Then there is those Pastors such as Greg Laure who being a GOBBJP are trying to bring these people back to the true walk with God.  Maybe he is doing it without apology, but considers it his responsibility to function in this capacity.  And should we apologize for doing the right thing?

Overall the point is; the excitement is passing and when you are attempting to have a relationship with God other than the way prescribed to us in the Bible.  You quickly find your self alone and disconnected with God, not to mention all of the questions you have, unanswered about this emergent movements philosophy and credibility.  I must leave you with this verse that sums it up:

John 14:6 Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Bill Collier