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In all of your ways, in everything I see

Jesus take this empty vessel and live in me

I want to know Your will, I want to know Your love

I want to feel Your life, Your life that breaths in me

So take this broken clay, please change my life today

Fill this vessel Lord, keep me close to You

I want to know You Lord, I want to see Your Face

I want to serve you Lord, for the rest of my days

R. William Collier


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Jesus You Are

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Jesus You are the joy in my heart

Jesus You are the light in my step

You make my heart rejoice in singing

You are my praise in the tears I have wept

You are so wonderful, always wonderful

Everlasting in all you’ve done for me

You are so beautiful, so very beautiful

In your Graciousness now I see

R. William Collier


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The Hope of God

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The Hope of God

I need a demonstration of inspiration, so Lord I pray for Your liberation of my mind as I gaze into this wonderful creation You have presented to us. In all of my imaginings I find myself falling desperately short of even rising above the layer of dust collecting on the window seal as I gaze out into this wonderful view of life and all of its beauty.

Looking away from the pain and agony that my own flesh torments me with daily. When I gaze into Your Glory I see the wonders of Your Hope with which you have saved me, this Hope that came long ago and learned the very lesson of which I so desperately need to learn. This obedient Hope that removed from me all the darkness of my selfish life lived for my own lust in open rebellion against You.

A futile desperation to satisfy that very yearning from deep within my very soul. That cries out I need You, even when I don’t even know You. Oh Hope of God Please continue to free me from these chains that so easily entangle me. From this miserable attempt of mine to live in Your Favor. So that one day I will be with You, the Love of my life, my Saviour, Jesus the Hope of God to this world Lord God, You so Dearly Love.

R. William Collier

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Can Blogger’s Strike It Rich?

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Boy, the stuff you read. This is a short blog on this article, to just state
my point.

If you are a novel blogger as I am, keep blogging, don’t let the so
called big guys of today scare you. You have something to say with conviction
and that scares them. And guess what? They must earn a living at it, we do it
because we want to, and because we can, and that scares them.

In time if you continue at your own pace, and if one of your articles gets picked up and people begin to read you.
Then you can count some extra dollars in the bank. if that doesn’t happen, so
what, its still rewarding and fun.
Link to Can Blogger’s Strike It Rich?

Hello world! Good Day to YOU

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My name is Bubba Bill and I am in the Process of setting up this blog. It looks like it won’t be to difficult to get started so I look forward to this exciting new forum. So I will be up and running shortly hopefully with some thought provoking blogs written from Inspiration, which I would prefer to write in, so as to not be boring. Get ready for all sorts of subjects and different slants on issues basically from my Christian perspective.