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In lean times, Americans find merits of DIY – Washington Post-

Posted in Blogroll on February 26, 2009 by activeinspiration

“In these times”, as everyone is saying, and these news articles that are telling us of how people are cutting back on spending just in case even though the economic crisis hasn’t effected us is wonderful.  There is even a romantic air about it of how courageous the American people are surviving.  Not!

But, where was this romance when all of those companies, just like traitors to the American people, outsourced all of our jobs to foreigners?  Have we forgotten so quickly the entire small towns who’s main source of income was the local factory?   How many news stories aired and articles in print dominated the news as Americans were suffering then, just a couple of years ago?

Is it any wonder why we are here now?  As Allen Greenspan stated in a recent interview “all of this will even happen again, because it is human nature”.  Call it what it is, “Greed”! 

What happened to the American attitude of being united, you know all on the same side?  Why are all of us Americans just rolling over letting these some four or five hundred so called elected leaders of our country take away our future? 

I promise you, if your business is on main street and you are in trouble, just like the guy who got bit in the privates by a rattle snake, your gonna die.  I don’t think anybody’s going to offer you money, well unless you need a loan.  Or better said, a new partner.

What is the solution?  I believe just like when Pearl Harbor was bombed, and the enemy general was quoted as saying something similar, “THE GIANT HAS AWOKEN”.  We need to awaken so that our leaders in “FEAR” of us, know they will be held responsible if they don’t represent the ideals of the American People.  THE GIANT MUST AWAKE!

Bill Collier

In lean times, Americans find merits of DIY – Washington Post-