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God and politics, do they mix?

Posted in Blogroll on March 19, 2010 by activeinspiration

As a Christian, how am I supposed to act in our current political climate? Is it my place to speak out on current issues that effect my future? These questions might seem novel to some, but I believe a lot of Christians are unsure of how they should act.

I believe that first we need to consider how we feel and seek God’s direction on how to proceed.  The Bible has a lot to communicate on politics and will keep us in God’s will, in proceeding with and expressing our views and desires.

I don’t think there is anyone who isn’t effected by the potential decisions being made in Washington these days. For myself, looking toward retirement, I’ve been preparing for years. I am very concerned, because my quality of life is directly effected, not only health wise, but financially as well.

Like most or all of you I’m very dissatisfied with our government, not only now, but for some time now. I believe we have been mistreated for the benefit of the few, and the idea of democracy has been lost to special interests.

As a Christian, to stay passive is easy, to just go on thinking God will take care of our future is not what the Bible teaches. When those Who lead us begin to endanger us, that should tell us its time to stand up and speak out. It is time to work to get back to being a nation that can say "in God we trust", and "one nation under God".

When our freedom’s in worshiping God, and living the Christian lifestyle become threatened to the point that we are told we can’t congregate to study the Bible, its time to choose whom you will serve, God or government.

These times are difficult, and they presently don’t appear to be getting any better, nor are they in my opinion. I believe God is moving us Christians to action, and if the Christians don’t begin to be active in the goings on of our country, we will be either scattered, or enslaved. Christian’s have been there before, the question is, is that what you want for you and your family’s future? I guess there is one more question to ask, are you praying? In praying, God will direct us in what we should do, and also keep us close to God so we know what He wants for us, as well as for us to know He is with us all in our future endeavors both individually and corporately.

The cost of wrong decisions are so high these days, that it requires us Christians to stand up and defend this country our forefathers shed blood to preserve. We Christians are the key to saving this land we love. Preserving our way of life, I’m sure you agree, is worth protecting. So please seek the Lord and His will and take action, standing with Christians who are answering this call to action and taking a stand against the current forces that are taking away our rights and freedoms as Christians.

Bill Collier