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What’s wrong with a Social Security Bailout? Millions face shrinking Social Security checks – More politics-

Posted in Blogroll on August 23, 2009 by activeinspiration

Its common knowledge that the Social Security system has basically been pilfered over the years, money’s borrowed and not repaid.  We are told of late in the news about the large  amount of bail out money that remains.  Almost like our current administration can’t figure out where they should apply it.  What better place is there than the Social Security system for using this bailout money, that would benefit the entire Nation? 
I really don’t understand what the problem is with our administration, that would offer three billion dollars to spend on cash for clunkers when I consider (as just a citizen of this country) how far three billion dollars would go in the Social Security system.  Maybe that would be close to the figure that would allow the Social Security Recipients to receive a cost of living increase this next year.  For those who solely depend on Social Security as their income, which is far below the poverty level, any amount would be welcomed.
With Medicare and so forth, again this is where the bail out money would benefit the Nation as a whole.  If this current administration has a tendency towards socialistic programs and functions, well then maybe they should actually do something that has a social benefit.  Rather than for wall street, and places such as the auto industry and the banking industry. 
It makes you wonder if they have, maybe another agenda in mind, when things don’t jive.  Plotting the course for a ship requires a plan of transit, or knowing where you are going and where you will end up.  Surely our current administration has a plan, and goals for what they want to accomplish.  I hope they aren’t playing it by ear or going with the flow, or like a pinball that only reacts to contact that forces its direction. 

Millions face shrinking Social Security checks – More politics-

Bill Collier


The future of Blogging from a user’s perspective.

Posted in Blogroll on August 18, 2009 by activeinspiration

If information were food we would all be lining up at the troff. But I believe there is a cut off point in which population will reach enough, if not just stop with the information feed train altogether.

I would be careful to consider into the equation the possibility of this information age to just simply fall back into its proper place of use as people begin to miss their privacy of mind and life. It all will fall into the gauntlet of entertainment once again, because of the laborious consumption and distraction from more important things such as life.

Infatuation is what drives humans on as curiosity motivates us to the conquest of understanding.  This never-ending thirst or maybe even lust for more, once satisfied leads us to purvey what next appeals to our watchful eye.

Popularity is here but a moment and then is gone, and with Blogging it has been a fresh opportunity for so many to get into the playing field once reserved for the few, say the media. As time goes on the newness will wear off and once again only those who have got the money for their run will continue.

What I do hope is that this medium remains open to the population so that the individual when so desired has a voice of their opinion, maintaining our precious freedom of speech.  For this reason I have hope.

Bill Collier