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Vending machines dispense pot in LA – Yahoo! News

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Well, this eliminates the “Dealer”!  More seriously, I understand that there are situations when Marijuana or Pot use helps alleviate symptoms suffered in certain illnesses, and that’s fine.  I don’t think anyone would disagree with pot being used there.

The problem that I am seeing is all of the sudden the list of sufferings by patients is forever growing.  For example in this very article one person who is taking the drug for anger management totally surprised me.  You might ask why, since anyone who has ever used pot for recreational purposes knows this drug basically makes you totally passive.  You would say its perfect for anger management. 

Well the problem with pot is the addiction isn’t so much a physical addiction as it is a psychological addiction, and when you quit as I did from a two to three ounce usage per month addiction for years.  The first thing you encounter is a very increased anger level.  So using it for anger management is basically taking someone who has a problem and adding gas to the flame.  Now you have just created a monster.  

That is the problem with this idea of prescribed use of pot.  Any reason to use is appearing on the list.  Yes I know that we live in a medicated society, when you consider pot, and all of the other drugs, legal or not, and then you mustn’t forget alcoholic beverages,  and this new stuff called designer drugs such as ecstasy and such.  America is medicated!

Because of all of this, has anyone ever considered just what the ramifications are to our society, to the human race?  How much dose it contribute to incest, birth defects, crime, physiological dysfunction in the populous, and finally the ultimate conclusion, death.  Where would we, the human race be, if we weren’t inhibited by all of this unnecessary  pollution, can you imagine?

R. William Collier    

Vending machines dispense pot in LA – Yahoo! News


A pastor walks into a bar … to listen – Faith-

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 This is an interesting approach in Christian ministry, and there could be pitfalls and temptations and possible controversies but, hey that is what surrounds effective outreaches to those who really need someone anyway’s.  Wether or not the bartender has trouble directing someone to the Pastor isn’t important, it is wether the bartender thinks they are qualified to council someone in need.

The bartender would be relieved of a duty they were never intended to have in the first place.  Which would allow them to continue with their proper duties such as the rest of the customers for one, and more time to maintain their work station. 

People who are spiritually lost and unfortunately don’t know where to go, or who to trust, often find themselves confiding in people who haven’t a clue as to what to say or where to direct them.  Having Pastors in bars is the perfect solution for them not to mention, with the Pastors there it might make it much easier for the one who becomes too intoxicated to drive or make it home on their own, to get home safely.

If a bartender feels like an important aspect of their job is being taken away from them, well then maybe they should consider a career change.  There is always the need for more Pastors, and I hope in the future even in bars. 

R. William Collier

A pastor walks into a bar … to listen – Faith-

Mature Human Embryos Created From Adult Skin Cells –

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This reminds me of a story about a scientist who challenged God to a contest.  The scientist told God I can create life just like you, and God said ok, I’ll create something and you create it too.  So God created a mouse, and the mouse began walking around looking for something to eat.  God said to the scientist ok, your turn.  So the scientist began collecting his things and getting his lab ready and he began mixing his potions and getting his samples of tissue and such, when God said, wait a minute!  Get your own stuff!

Point being, we tend to use this word “create” a little too loosely.  To truly create something it would have to be from nothing.  So as we read this article keep that fact in mind. 

The real question to this article is the same old one.  Do we have the right to copy life, or in a limited sense create life?  Is it moral for us to do this?  Well that is the reason I am writing this article on the subject of another article. 

Producing replacement tissue seems to be fine, but in order to understand what this means, requires a few questions to be answered first.  For example the words egg and embryos seem to be used synonymously in this article.  The question is what qualifies an egg to become an embryo, are they saying that because of the fusing of the skin tissue with an egg warrants it to be called an embryo?  Well then ok, we can go with that, and on that basis we would consider that the egg also, if not harvested would be naturally discarded by the donors body, well that’s fine too.  I don’t see any moral issue with that, in being any different from taking an aspirin for a headache, or using an artery from a leg to bypass a blocked one by the heart.

However, on the subject of cloning a human being, now that’s a controversy!  I would have to take the stance that cloning a human being is wrong morally, and especially for any other reason than to allow such an individual to live normally and free.  The moral question, would a cloned individual have a soul?  Well of course they would, and you ask how?  Simply, I must point back to the story in the first paragraph.  God is still in control of everything that happens on this planet.  Nothing escapes His notice, all things are visible in His sight.  If we were to produce a cloned human being by fusing a egg with DNA and calling it a embryo, and then inserting it into a woman’s womb to gestate to maturity and birth.  God would be completely involved in this individuals life in the intimacy of the womb just like anyone else.  God would also be using His “stuff” to allow all of this to happen.  If He didn’t want it to happen it wouldn’t. 

Being a God who is everything that the word “LOVE” imply’s would never allow a being come to life that wouldn’t be Loved by him.  In that Love, would demand that this cloned individual would posses a soul just like everyone of us. and as the Bible verse communicates, God Loves the whole world, not just some in the world.

“For God loved the world in this way: He gave His One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.  For God did not send His Son into the world that He might judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.                                      John 3:16,17  (Holman Christian Standard Bible)


R. William Collier


Mature Human Embryos Created From Adult Skin Cells –

2 tons of explosives found amongst humanitarian aid en route to Gaza – Worthy News

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Well isn’t this interesting, just a while ago I wrote about an article titled “The Gaza reduced to beggary” in which the accusation was leveled against Israel that they wouldn’t even allow humanitarian supplies into the Gaza.  Well according to this article Israel has been doing just that. 

Wouldn’t you know it, the terrorists will stop at nothing as they, under the guise of transporting these humanitarian supplies have been caught twice this week alone for smuggling two tons of  fertilizer known to be used in manufacturing the rockets they are firing into Israel. Probably Ammonium Nitrate, the same fertilizer used in the Oklahoma bombing a few years ago.

It just goes to show you, when you attempt to shake hands with a snake your gonna get bit.  These terrorists don’t care about those children who need batteries for their hearing aids, not to mention medical supplies.  They don’t care about anyone if they don’t care about their own children. 

Israel is there, they are living this very difficult existence, this nightmare.  They know the truth about what is going on, and then someone writes an article attempting to get the world to feel sorry for those poor people in Gaza, reality says Israel is who we should feel for.  I wouldn’t say feel sorry, but proud of Israel’s handling of this situation and the battle they are in. 

R. William Collier


2 tons of explosives found amongst humanitarian aid en route to Gaza – Worthy News

The Computer, The Internet, and the Cell Phone, Can these three be ONE?

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When I step back and take a look at the last twenty years of the evolution of the Internet, it is absolutely amazing.  This modern day phenomenon of American creativity  is one of its very best creations.  To me it reflects the unification of the world, a sense of unity never before seen in history since the tower of Babel, (if you don’t know the story its in the Bible).

These Mega companies such as Google and Microsoft and a slew of others, really too many to name.  The billionaires it has produced like the Google boys and Bill Gates and the list goes on and on.  The whole thing is beyond conception.  Well at this stage of evolution I must confess I am a bit frustrated as a user of the computer, the cell phone, and the Internet, and also I guess, the Wireless Applied Protocol.  My hope is that Google is moving to better unite these three, which as of yet are either bogged down with a lot of useless additional processes, or multiple programs such as messenger’s needed on my computer just to keep in touch with my people.

For example if you are like me, I actually have the MSN Messenger, the Yahoo Messenger, yes Aim and Google Talk too.  This is ridiculous, but I like MSN for its versatility, Yahoo because I can play music and shrink it to my desktop, and it works together with MSN now.  Aim has XM radio and it works with Google Talk on my Firefox browser.  No I don’t believe I should pay for radio when I pay for my ISP, that would just be one more program and process my computer must tolerate. 

Of course maybe this is to say before connecting these three together maybe we should work on the Internet and the computer before we even consider going near the cell phone.  If these four companies could possible meet on the common ground of producing one messenger that incorporated the characteristics of all four I would be eternally thankful.  Wow could you imagine if they could do the same with one Browser, better yet why do we even need a browser or messenger if we had only one.  Well I tried, but if we are going to have all three of these mediums working synergistically, I believe it will take a lot more compatibility than presently exists, the future demands it, and it is the only way to move with social change and popularity.  Does Google have what it takes?  Are the Cell Companies willing?  Can the fat cats share the success?  Can We all get along?

R. William Collier

Is Google’s future in question?

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Google is the breath of new life on the net, and continues to be so even into this new year.  But what is Google going to do next?  I don’t mean all of the wonderful software and all of the online applications.  I can’t believe that this company is settled with all of these distractions.  None of these even come close to their success as the search giant.

Maybe from the inside of Google there is a hunger for a new product, maybe something on the same level or in the same field as their search products.  Just what could that be?  I think this is the question that is racking the brains of all of the suits in the company these days.  Maybe because Google is now established itself and that’s all they are capable of doing.  All that is left is to be another Microsoft and begin churning out a bunch of products.

Unfortunately, if this is the case, Google will be like the turtle catching up to the hare.  Microsoft did the same thing years ago using their product sales to finance where they are now, and as of now has refined their products to the point that many industries are quite dependant on their products, which basically are the only logical choice they have. 

The question remains, can Google weather the chase, or do they need to?  I can’t help but see if they continue to travel on this course that sooner or later it will begin to eat away at their financial position they hold today.  Again the question is what does the future hold?  Not only for Google, but for the entire industry.  I believe the one who can see even beyond the centralization of the cell phone and its many applications or maybe in which direction society will shift, is the one who will have the next big idea for Google.  But wait, is Microsoft there already?

R. William Collier