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Open campuses’ vulnerability exposed – Crime & courts-

Posted in Blogroll on February 16, 2008 by activeinspiration

Its an insane world out there, and as we are all feeling, there is no possible solution.  The pain those kids must be feeling, the insecurity they must have at even considering going back to this school.  This is a big deal, a huge moment in their lives in which none of them has the answers.  What do you do, except to just go on?

Well there are two obvious solutions that no one even wants to touch, that would totally solve this problem.  The first is to confiscate all weapons in our society, and make it a felony to posses them.  The second is just as crazy, arm every one so that a person crazy or not, will think twice before the attempt of something like this.

I don’t think that either of these solutions will be accomplished or even considered, but they are solutions just the same.  I bet a lot of people are thinking along these lines already, and probably seriously considering the second solution.  Who would prosecute an individual for possessing a concealed weapon illegally?  Especially when they were the one who stopped a tragedy such as this.  Again I want to remind you that I believe a lot of people are thinking this way.  Yes vigilantes, maybe that is another possibility, a “Vigilance Committee” on each campus.  After all College Administrations love Committee’s.

You see I work at a community college myself and this has been on my mind for some time, and honestly, even in the movies the Campus Safety Officers are portrayed as Barney Fife’s.  This is sad and I believe it is a social responsibility to change this sacrifice for a good laugh.  The Campus Safety Officers at my college are very dedicated and they are continually preparing themselves for all possibilities but, on campuses covering hundreds of Acers the difficulty still remains.  There must be Change!

My own opinion is that I would continue on by faith in my Lord Jesus, trusting Him with my life and what ever happens, is up to Him.  You might think that a bit ridiculous but, how else can you go on?  How can you return to school after something like this?  My only peace of mind is to trust in Jesus every day I go to work with the thought that, if this happened at my College and I was in the wrong place.  At the closing of my eyes here, there next opening would be seeing Jesus welcoming me.

R. William Collier 

Open campuses’ vulnerability exposed – Crime & courts-