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Obama to be spectacular success — or failure? – The First 100 Days-

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Ah, President Obama, I would love to cheer for his success.  I would love for him to just take a good hard, clear look at his wife and his two daughters.  Just to see them with all of the possible needs  they have and will have throughout their lives.  Being free from all of the regalings and pressures of the political life.  With honesty and sincerity in recognizing what is really important.

Myself, I must confess couldn’t stand in his shoe’s as far as what he experiences, but as my President I do want him to lead the whole country with an attitude of protecting all of us weather on foreign or domestic soil, in the work place or the class room or in our communities. 

Unfortunately, that clear look has blinders on obviously, and the good old expression is used, “you can’t please everyone all the time”.  This seems these days to be a justification to continue on with the all mighty agenda.  This agenda that has landed him in the oval office.  This agenda that isn’t for the people as a whole, but for those groups of people that behind the guise of change promote their causes that are the desire for the few instead of the many, or obviously the majority.

President Obama is only popular for one reason in my opinion, and that reason is the American People’s desire for change. If that change doesn’t benefit the majority, unfortunately the President’s popularity in my opinion will tank.  That causes me to fear greatly, because as we have seen in the last six months with our economy being stalled, I’m concerned that it will not only stall, but stop.

Then what benefit will the personal agendas be, or who is politically correct, or what program gets instituted?  The only program of popularity might very well be the program that takes care of the unemployed, homeless and hungry.

Bill Collier



Obama to be spectacular success — or failure? – The First 100 Days-


Bailed-out firms spend millions on lobbying – Washington Post-

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Should we be surprised when hypocrisy reigns as king in our government?  That the only trickling down is just this kind of business as usual mentality.  The old adage is proven “Its not wrong until you get caught”, or “Do it until they tell you to stop”.  They, being the American people who are footing this bill also.

Of course,

“several company representatives said yesterday that none of the money borrowed from the government has been used to fund lobbying activities — though there is no mechanism to verify that” 

That’s right if it could be verified they wouldn’t have said that.  Moreover, what monies replaced this money?

My biggest concern about the American People, is that they will grow tired of all of this and give up.  By going back to their lives and just save their complaining for the bar stools kitchen tables, and church pews.  I know in time that the economy will began to pick up and companies will begin to hire again and life goes on.  Taxes will increase and less and less of our income will be ours.  Just what is slavery to you?

My last concern I will share with you is with this question.  How can America prosper unless new monies come in from other countries?  What I mean is if we are just talking about America its like we the People are just feeding on ourselves, which explains the importance of lending and borrowing in our country. 

How can we prosper and compete as the United States of America with our jobs being exported and those products that are produced again sold back to us by another country?  How much longer can we continue to be a consumer nation when we can’t compete on a global level?  How much more money can we the consumer borrow when we don’t have jobs to pay it back?  Better yet why borrow?

Do you think civil service jobs is the answer, or expanding government, and its programs?  To me it is the same problematic hypocrisy under the disguise of the solution that is being given to us for free, or maybe better said, shoved down our throats telling us to swallow.  More government shrinks the freedoms of society, and leads us into slavery.

R. William Collier 

Bailed-out firms spend millions on lobbying – Washington Post-

Miss USA controversy: Carrie Prejean says gay marriage answer cost crown, but she’d say it again

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This is just an example of how things have changed in our country.  Perez Hilton in my opinion Gives Gays a bad name.  If He’s not gay he sure acts like a want a be.

Carrie is an admirable young woman who stood up when it counts for what she believes, even when it hurts, better yet costs her so much.  I commend you Carrie Prejean.

As for Mr. Hilton, profanity is just a demonstration for your lack of vocabulary.  Which proves you don’t even have a clue to what Carrie should have or have not said.  Obviously you couldn’t identify what she should have said, because she said exactly what she meant.  After all you asked the question, which I believe could of very well been planned in hope of this very outcome.

So Go ahead Mr. Hilton capitalize on this and make a name for your self, and watch Mrs. Prejean’s fame soar.

Miss USA controversy: Carrie Prejean says gay marriage answer cost crown, but she’d say it again