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MSN Video Boy George denied U.S. visa, can’t give NYC concert – MSN Music News

Posted in Blogroll on June 27, 2008 by activeinspiration

Well isn’t this a twist of events!

Now the US has denied a visa to Boy George.  You almost wonder is this someone’s idea of payback for not letting Martha Stewart into Britain because of her conviction?  Well I don’t know, but this saga is playing out into a display of how messed up our security is.  People who obviously don’t pose any threat what so ever, but because of convictions or pending trials are being denied visas.  What about the real threat?  How is that going?

I wouldn’t compare Boy George to Martha Stewart in any way other than complete opposite’s.  And if this is the best export that Britain has well, then ok, I can understand that.  This whole incident reminds me of a quote in the Bible “choke on a gnat but swallow a camel.”

I understand that we need security, and that no one is above the law but, someone has to ask the human intellect.  Are these people a threat to National Security?  Boy George, whom I feel very weird in defending, in the US is innocent until proven guilty.  Obviously in Britain there is a double standard here.  As for Martha Stewart, she has satisfied the requirements for her crime, she did the time.

Ok, I’ll ask it.  Who’s the better woman here?

Will either of these people be a future risk?  Who knows that about anybody?  What is important is that it is quite obvious who is a threat and who isn’t.  A terrorist is a terrorist, just as the lives of these people communicate who they are, so the life of a terrorist communicates who they are.

Investigate, don’t predicate!

R. William Collier

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Verizon edges closer toward open network | Crave, the gadget blog – CNET

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Is “Open Network” too late?  Why pay for something I don’t need?

This is good news, as far as the investment we make in our smart phones, its just that I wonder if its too late.  My observations in society lead me to see the trend or popular move heading in a different direction, leaving the Cell Networks playing the chase game.

Every where I go having a Palm Treo with wifi capabilities and my son who just received a tiny laptop for college, find ourselves not checking the bars on our phone but, is there wifi?

Then I keep seeing these new products and I know I’m not alone.  Like the Sony Mylo, and every so often another product pops up offering wifi calling.  Not to mention every laptop computer out there. 

The College where I work is completely hot with wifi, even in the parking lots and I imagine if not already this will be rule of thumb at all Colleges.  I go to the grocery store and they are offering free wifi, and of coarse the coffee houses are all offering wifi.  Even at my UPS store I can get wifi, not to mention the campgrounds have wifi also.

Its becoming a tool to attract customers to their businesses.  Like a generation ago when they would wash your windshields and give you green or blue stamps for making purchases there.  Could wifi be the new attraction that draws the costumer to a store?  I believe so, the useful applications seem endless for the consumer.

Wifi vs cellular, its no contest, I would surly use my wifi to make a call before I would use up my minuets on my cell phone.  Several smart phones out there offer wifi calling and I’m sure more will come, and as far as my Palm Treo, that’s why I purchased it.  Why pay for something i don’t need?

R. William Collier   

Verizon edges closer toward open network | Crave, the gadget blog – CNET

Martha Stewart banned from Britain – Media-

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Well aint that something, here you have someone who quietly, I might add accepted their conviction and quietly went to prison.  Martha served her time, quietly and in doing so took responsibility for her actions. 

Here you have a country and a people with a huge closet with a multitude of skeletons, and they judge this woman for a conviction that is satisfied according to our law and I’m sure theirs. 

Martha Stewart even in view of Britain denying her visa still gracefully respects even that.  I must say even as a Christian I would still have some choice words for this country and their people for such a hideous offence to the woman who is demonstrating that she is more a lady than any woman in Britain, and I mean any woman!

Even as a Christian when one sins and then repents of any sin you can imagine, God forgives that person of that sin, and it is immediately forgiven and forgotten even by Jehovah God Himself.  And that, an example for all of us to follow, in fact we are required to.  If we don’t, we sin in not doing so.

Britain, you should be ashamed of your self, I can understand this action for a terrorist, or a Jack the ripper, but Martha Stewart, come on, give me a break!

R. William Collier 


Martha Stewart banned from Britain – Media-

On Yahoo’s Shaky Future: Well Said | Kara Swisher | BoomTown | AllThingsD

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I’ll bet this name best suits Mr. Yang.  Unfortunately, its a fantasy fast fading from a dream. 

I agree with this article, in that the gold ring has passed you by, the train has left the station, the fuse has been lit.  Need I go on?

The sad, part is that I really enjoy what Yahoo has been doing with their services, their integration, the design, and the ease of use.  What Yahoo has done is highly impressive, its too bad they aren’t an ISP.  They have demonstrated vision toward the future in anticipating of what the public wants and also what they need.

What up with Google?  Why don’t you just strap a dying leper to your back and say I’ll heal you!  Why does Google need Yahoo?  They didn’t need them before why do they need them now?  Yes I understand that once upon a time far far away there was a partnership, but who outgrew who?  Of course remove Microsoft from the picture, and ask the question again, why does Google need Yahoo?  Has Google lost their vision?  Or maybe is it too grand, being so large that someone forgot the legs it will need to walk?  Yes I have questions!  As I sit here eating my chocolate chocolate chip cookies on Father’s day.

I think Mr Yang needs to get out of the sand box and get into the board room, and oh, leave the ego, let the cats bury it.

R. William Collier

On Yahoo’s Shaky Future: Well Said | Kara Swisher | BoomTown | AllThingsD