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Christianity the Silent force.

Posted in Blogroll on December 29, 2010 by activeinspiration

Christianity the silent force that calls the masses to morality, to a life of nobility, honesty, trust, and faith.  It has been continually attacked and maligned, it is continually disrespected.

One asks why?  The answer is found in the pages of Gods Word the Bible.  Simply to say it is good versus evil, the wicked against the Righteous, Love against hatred.

I fear not for Christianity, but for the United States, for America and those other countries who honor God.  It is their state I am concerned with. 

When God is rejected on a national level and the people follow suit turning into a godless nation God honors their action and leaves them to themselves. 

When reading the historical books of the old testament in the Bible we see an obvious pattern take shape.  How the nation or even the individual, when going through hardships they would naturally cry out to God and He would hear their cries and save them.  Then they would become prosperous and grow fat so to speak, and think it was by their own efforts and reject God.  Then God would leave them to themselves and once again they would fall to their previous state of desperation.

As Christians we see this scenario taking place in the US today.  More and more people are rejecting God.  We are even seeing obvious groups of people claiming Christianity yet remaining in their sin, prostituting themselves to a false belief of exceptance by God.  Even though God’s Word, the Bible clearly states that they are rebelling against God in the continuance of their sin.  In this verse we need to understand how God feels about sin: 

Ezekiel 18:4 Look, every life belongs to Me.  The life of the father is like the life of the son–both belong to Me.  The person who sins is the one who will die.

I would recommend reading enough of this chapter to understand this point in context.  So if God rewards sin with death, to keep from being put to death we should refrain from sin.  Understand this death isn’t only the death of the body, but separation from God, the ultimate death referred to in the Bible as the lake of fire, or known as hell.  I will leave it up to you to Continue reading God’s Word to understand sin.  Simply to say sin is rebellion against God. 

Our own country is in a very dangerous place if we continue in rebellion against God, but if we turn towards Him and seek God’s Wisdom, we will find a place of prosperity towards the future, not only in wealth, but as individuals trusting in God.  Then sin will be seen for what it is.

The days are short, and I believe it is close to the return of our God and Saviour Jesus the Christ.  This will usher in the age of chaos known as the tribulation.  Not a time you want to experience, call out to Jesus and be saved from God’s Wrath before its too late.

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I am at rest in God alone

Posted in Blogroll on December 23, 2010 by activeinspiration

Psalms 62:1-2  [For the leader. Set in the style of Y’dutun. A psalm of David:] My soul waits in silence for God alone; my salvation comes from him. He alone is my rock and salvation, my stronghold; I won’t be greatly moved.  (CJV)

Being so close to Christmas I imagine like most parents and people in general, many are feeling quite tired at this stage.  Not only from the busyness of the season, but due to the financial expenditures also.  I am one of these too, as I have to be there to do all of this choosing presents, and figuring the money, and that everything is fair amongst the children, and adults even the in laws.

As I woke up this morning and rubbed the sleep from my eyes, looking at my phone to see my morning devotion verses, Psalms 62:1 hit the bulls eye.  That is what I need today, and as I ponder that thought it is what I need to remember every day, especially come the end of every day. 

Starting this day realizing I waiting-ly rest in the Lord and find confidence in His Salvation to come.  My strength is renewed and what ever comes my way today is within my Lord’s care.

Really what more is important than to recognize that God has everything in control, in fact it is Jesus who holds everything together, as we see in the letter to the Colossians in the Bible. 

All of our Lord’s activity in the past present and even the future is directly related to our lives and God’s Will is being accomplished.  I find it much better to be involved, than to be not. 

That word “not” is terrible, when it is used to see if I am in the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus.  That would mean that I would be an object of God’s Wrath, and that’s not good. 

We celebrate the Birth of Jesus in a couple of days and the hustle and bustle will be over and Joy will abound.  My hope is that your joy is that Jesus’ Birth is the birth of not only our Peace, but our restful waiting for our day of Salvation from this life of sin.

Invite Jesus the One and only Unique Son of God to be your Savior and Lord today and join me in Salvation to the Kingdom of God.

Merry Christmas

Bill Collier

I just might convert to apple?

Posted in Blogroll on December 18, 2010 by activeinspiration

I will buy an apple if what I feel will be announced in first quarter of 2011, a 5-6 inch ipad.  Nope not a iPod. 

I have to confess after setting up my daughter’s iPod and seeing that its set up to be a quality net phone, which I have been looking for, for years now.  Also her iPod watches net TV perfectly with no lag what so ever, that just is more than can be ignored.  But, if android can convince me to” continue on by next August I will stay with android.

I spend some time debating with apple people why I don’t care for apple.  1. They are too expencive, 2. they are too controlled,  and 3. They are for simple minds.  Simple is lest frustrating though.

After spending an hour and a half waiting for my wife’s laptop to update so I could set up the iPod touch, I was just a bit frustrated, although my computers don’t have these problems because I maintain them properly.  My wife depends on me but ignores the popups, so when it doesn’t work I get it. 

What I need to know is do these same problems exist on Apple computers?  Yes more research is needed.  Please honest comments appreciated.

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Faith In Love

Posted in Blogroll on December 16, 2010 by activeinspiration

Esther 5:1 On the third day, Esther dressed up in her royal clothing and stood in the inner courtyard of the palace facing it. The king was sitting on his royal throne in the royal courtroom, facing its entrance.

In this anointed writing from God the story of Esther, one would see, is absent of the mention of God.  Some would even question its presence in the Bible.  Upon closer observation and meditational prayer God appears vividly.

We see Esther who being told that her entire Jewish People would be exterminated by the kings order unless she appeal to the king.  Esther fully understood that to approach him could mean her death.  Especially with the fresh memory of Vashti and her demise, due to her rebellion.

In looking at Esther as a Jew, to approch God meant death instantly but as a Christian we find unhindered approach, any time anywhere. Esther had a wonderfull view of God, as her husband and also as her King in what had happened to her in life, I believe this is our view also. 

But there is more, as we include Mordecai in this view we see the body of believers, the Church.  Which Esther called on for fasting by all the Jews, or as we call it intercession.   The whole nation was humbling themselves to who else, but God Himself. 

When Esther entered the throne room of the king she was entering by faith.  What she witnessed was the joyful grace of the king.  As Christians we witness this same Grace of our King Jesus.  Because of His Love, not the king comandeering us to being his wife.

So we see that this book of Esther is bursting with the view of the faithful Love of our King Jesus.  As the Church, the same is true as we witness our Lord’s attention to our intersessions, and the result of our humble faith in our Just King. 

Obviously Vashti witnessed banishment because of her rebellion, interestingly an amazing correlation with the fate of those who reject the Love of God demonstrated in His Son King Jesus, whom God has given all things, even judgement of the rebellious.

If you don’t know Jesus as your King and Lord, don’t wait, invite Him into your life and into your heart.  Come experiance His Loving Grace.

This devotional was inspired by my friend Pastor Walter Wyman’s teaching in Esther.

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Building a home

Posted in Blogroll on December 15, 2010 by activeinspiration

Proverbs 14:1 Every wise woman builds her house, but a foolish one tears it down with her own hands.

Boy there is nothing more beautiful than a wise woman.  With a stare she can correct her husband, with a touch she can calm his fears.  In her soft words she can sooth anger turning it into a humble apology.   Wise women of God are amazing.

Someone might want to use this verse to criticize or even use it to win an argument or to show ones faults.  I believe we should see it as an encouragement, a goal for both men and women to strive for.

The verse itself communicates what the correct attitude should be.  In building each other up never tearing down, that would be foolish.   God’s Word always sets a standard for us to again to.  Never does our Lord tear us down, but in honesty God desires us to mature into who He created us to be. 

Life has two paths for us to choose, one of rebellion, and the other is obedience.   Which one do you think builds us up?

Proverbs 14:2 Whoever lives with integrity •fears the Lord, but the one who is devious in his ways despises Him.   (HCSB – sent from CadreBible)

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Are you one of the Remnant of God’s inheritance?

Posted in Blogroll with tags on December 6, 2010 by activeinspiration

Who is a God like you, who pardons sin and forgives the transgression of the remnant of his inheritance? You do not stay angry forever but delight to show mercy.  Micah 7:18

This life is a fickle one, we humans are truly like a ship in rough seas being tossed around by the wind and waves of experience.  We are so easily distracted by any object that enters our view.  We think it is just what we truly need to make us happy for the moment or even forever.

Our never ending search for contentment, that utopia of true joy that leads us into all sorts of experiences, when passed through we wish we would have avoided.  Very few are worth remembering, and all have consequences we would not except if we knew about in the beginning.

Being in the remnant of God is a place that isn’t always easy, nor does it always satisfy, but it is a place of righteousness.  In the place of God’s Inheritance, to which God shows forgiveness and mercy, comes with the assurance of our Salvation, meaning we are saved from the wrath and destruction of this world and all of its destractions. 

This is our choice, we can choose to enter in, or stay out.  Entering is to except the Sacrifice of our Saviour Jesus the Christ who died in place of us.  Satisfying the requirement of Gods Law, “the soul that’s sins will surely die”.

If you want to be a remnant of God’s Inheritance,  ask Jesus to forgive you and turn from your rebellious sins and begin your life with God.  He will give you the Spirit of Christ who will never leave you or reject you.  God’s promise is perfect as is His Love which is expressed in His Son Jesus.  Don’t wait another second because it might be your last!

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Posted in Blogroll on December 2, 2010 by activeinspiration

Lord let the statements I make reflect the influence of your Word, in Your transformation of my mind.  Allow my representation of You to be filled with Your Glory and Holiness. Bless my efforts as I further Your Kingdom through the Gospel of my Lord Jesus the Christ, Your One and Only Son, in His Name Amen.

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