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Is the end of tech sensation coming?

Posted in Blogroll on December 12, 2011 by activeinspiration


A while ago I commented on a blog discussing future cell phones in regards to screen size.  When I mentioned that the perfect size for a data phone was 5 inches, I received a comment on my statement that it would never happen, especially on the iPhone.  We would see elephants fly first.  Well with the iPhone it remains to be seen, but for the wiser, the data phone makers have paid attention to the consumer.

Today we see the screen size for data phones keep creeping up.  Some even passing to 5.3” on the Samsung Note for example.  I do believe the boundary between data phone and tablet is probably 6 inches, however, I could be wrong, but I doubt it.  Yes elephants have been flying.

Concerning Apple and their iPhone, unfortunately I believe they are actually chasing the field now.  Especially after the release of the 4s.  I also believe we will see in 2012 the iPhone enlarge also.  There are those that say the perfect size phone for the single hand is why the iPhone is the size it is.  Well that might be true, but someone should have considered the eyes in this equation also.

In the arena of personal tech, with the data phone, tablet, netbook, laptop, and maybe even the desktop.  People are on overload with all of their devices.  They are becoming frustrated with all of the time and decision making it takes to decide what to use or need in each endeavor of their life.

In 2012 I see a stagnation coming, especially with data phones.  Mainly caused by the economy, then the increasing cost for the latest data phone available at the time to renew the two year contract.  The telecoms stern refusal to compromise this cost as we see the profits in the billions each year motivates the consumer to simply live with what they have. 

The same is true with tablets all the way up to desktops.  2012 I believe will be a tune-up year for tech, some serious soul searching for all.  The smart consumer will be content with models that are three to six months from their release date.  Then it will be much cheaper, and all the bugs will be worked out. 

I also see the option of unlimited plans to become more expectable as consumers simplify their tech lives.  The consumer will prefer one mobile device that functions in and out of the home or office.

If you are a techy like me, well then the “got to have it now” mentality comes with a price.  But we do get to see elephants fly first.


Times are a changing for cell/data phones.

Posted in Blogroll on December 6, 2011 by activeinspiration

I commented earlier on a tech blog, and as I ponder this next year, I must say, from every angle it is going to be very interesting to say the least.  from the end of the world predictions, to the elections, the economy, to even technology.  I think you the reader could even add a couple more topics that don’t come to my mind right now.  The topic I prefer most is the coming of our Lord Jesus.  Oh yea, and don’t forget all that is happing in our universe astronomically. 

Everything is wrong with this whole mess, definitely not good merchandising. When you see Verizon charging $100.00 more for these new phones and still a 2 year contract, people will just hang on to their current phones longer, not only waiting for the phone to come to their carrier, but for price to come down. I see a Paradigm shift coming this next year with serious stagnation coming to manufactures and carriers as they go beyond what the consumer is able to comprehend and afford. It isn’t in getting the latest tech anymore for most people, naturally its price as well. There must be a need to fill, to sell a product.