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Tribute and prayer for our defenders

Posted in Blogroll on May 25, 2009 by activeinspiration

This is a weekend that most people in California head out of town camping, or bike riding, and such.  I am guilty of the same things, in fact I have already been to the store checking out some of the sales taking place on this holiday.  Here at the beach it represents the beginning of the summer beach season and goes through labor day in the fall.  Barbecue’s firing up mass quantities of food being consumed, families and friends coming together to go out doors and hang out together, just an overall relaxing peaceful day.

I woke up this morning thinking of course, about our country and the state that I see it in, and the fears and anxieties I have about the future and what it will be like.  Looking at my children and imagining in my mind, will their future be a Mad Max kind of thing or maybe being persecuted for their religious beliefs.  To the point like our forefathers who came to this country in search of religious freedom, would have to journey to another land in search of the same.

This weekend is a time for all of us Americans to remember the fallen.  Those who have given their very lives so that  we here today can enjoy this three day weekend.  Weather at the beach, mountains or deserts, camping or just with friends and family in the park or at home.  Here at present day we have men and women dying in battle, who are fighting for not only our freedom but our safety as well.  They deserve our remembrance of them right now while we enjoy peace, because peace goes hand in hand with the defense of it.

The landscape has changed, taking on this additional fear that we Americans aren’t accustomed to.  The thought of terrorist attack weather a bomb, chemical, or nuclear are all of concern these days.  In this we need to appreciate even more the sacrifice of those who put their lives in harms way or who lay their lives down for our freedom and safety, as well as peace.

As a Christian I know that we and others like us are the only ones who would take the time out of this peaceful day to pray to God for the safety and even the peace of those defending our freedoms that I am guilty of taking for grant it.  That we American Christians embrace the responsibility of continuing to pray to God for our defenders, because the rest of those in our country probably won’t.  If you are one of these others, well, except this as a challenge to pray for our solders and defenders of our freedoms too.

Bill Collier