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People in public eye are a bunch of whiners, crybabies, and tattletalers.

Posted in Blogroll on January 12, 2011 by activeinspiration

I am surprised that people weather on purpose or not, get upset with what is being said online.  In the blogosphere you find a rare phenomenon existing, which is surprising in this day and age.  Its called discussion.  The beauty is that in a blog you enjoy the ability to communicate your entire point with out interruption.

I am referring to the news media who have fallen to a point of being a bunch of whinny crybabies when their agenda is disputed.  Its on all sides of these agendas that they report their news from. 

On the other hand there are those who use the blogosphere to manipulate their argument.  All of the sudden because its in print so to speak, it becomes fact.  Well however they choose to use it, weather they are pro or con.

The truth in my opinion is that because the so called reporting agencies have seriously let the public down in regards to non agenda, bias, or truth manipulated news reporting, that the American people have an option in searching out the truth for ourselves online.  We now don’t have to trust or rely on the “news” any more as fact or truth.  In fact the internet has proven that they aren’t truthful or factual all the time.

Is it any wonder that the ratings for these news organizations continue to fall?  Just a little truthfull advise to them, if you want to restore your ratings, just report the factual truth and restore the American peoples trust in you.

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Mobility is key to future productivity and effectiveness.

Posted in Blogroll on January 7, 2011 by activeinspiration

As we continue in the advancement of technologies, we are seeing the convergence of adaptation by those inventive, and visionary individuals.  I look forward to see the continued adaptation in the workplace as technology offers many new options. 

We have seen the increased ability for people to work at home.  We now see not only freedom from the office, but even being free to work from any place of choice, while on the go.

Look for more cars along the side the road with people looking down to their laps as if they were asleep.  People off in the corner beating away on their tablets and smartphones, and then there will be the funny stuff like more and more people meeting by collision, God forbid while driving in their cars.

I wouldn’t be surprised some of these visionaries producing a fourty hour week of work in half the time.  Being an employer if the workload is completed who’s the wiser, better yet would it be wrong?  Wow, maybe even new moral issues to be considered.

In all of this amazement of technology, its interesting we continue to free ourselves more time to be even more busy.  Again as we mature in life, discipline needs to be a requirement for sanity.  If your married you know what I mean.

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The sunrise is a portrait of God’s Love and Grace in this new day.

Posted in Blogroll on January 7, 2011 by activeinspiration


As the new day begins with the promise of forgiveness and a new Righteousness in Christ, with a view of our right standing with the Father, who has adopted us into His eternal family. 

All has been accomplished by our Savior Jesus the Christ in His full of wonder sacrifice.  This Holy Sacrifice committed not from selfish motivations, but from a desire to please our Father in Heaven.

As the beauty of the sunrise is magnificent to behold so is the sunset from the previous evening a confirmation of “it is finished”, when we are plagued with the remembrance of our sins of that day. 

Jesus has perfectly healed us of our sins, and neither He nor our Father God remember them.  In fact they throw them over their shoulder never to be seen again, they are cast away as far as the east is from the west not to be remembered any more.  I ask you, how far is the east from the west?  Well man is still trying to figure that one out.

The good news for us is that we are free!  We are free of the condemnation that comes from holding on to our sins.  In fact we are so free, we can choose not to sin, in Christ it is not in our nature any more.  We have been Born Again in Christ.  So resist the evil one and he must leave and take his temptations with him.

Today is the new day of our salvation, as the sun rises so does the eternal Kingdom of God surround those who are his saints.  Come to Jesus before the open door of His Grace ends when we move on to eternity.

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The perfect phone or tablet for those on the go.

Posted in Blogroll on January 4, 2011 by activeinspiration

We are seeing a full out paradigm shift in technology weather personal or in the workplace. The tablet is here to stay and I must confess, I didn’t see it at its potential.   Hopefully now I do, and am excited about them.  The following is a comment I wrote at GigaOM:

I believe HP is right on the money when you talk 5″ units.  What I would like to see is both wifi only, and 4g as a choice. 

I would have to call it a premonition, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see even Apple display a 5″ ipad this year.  And again wifi and 4g choices would be great. 

I don’t exactly know why mostly all have setteled in on 7″ tablets, but for me personally, the comfortable median for mobility is 5″, Dell was the trailblazer here.  In time weather tablet or phone, 5″ size seems right, with regards to the next wave of advances like video calling and HD for a couple.

I understand that larger sizes are useful, like for Business or school, but as I have seen, a student walking with his ipad and earphones in jammin to his tunes.  He obviously felt the uncomfortableness but was excited to have his ipad.  When I’m on the go I do everything on my Motorola Droid and I can hardly wait for my new 5″ whatever it is, Droid would be nice.

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