My first mobile blog

A while ago we renewed our phone contract and I upgraded to the Droid. At first after using the phone I was unsure whether it was a good move from Windows. However, now knowing what Windows had to offer and seeing how the Droid was going to work. I tarried for that first month in which I had opportunity to exchange for another phone like the Samsung Omnia.

Well I am so glad I stayed with the Droid, and now that they have released Word Press for Droid, I finally have a great word processor to create my blogs. To be able to write with this tool on the move, without having to tote my hp mini laptop is great. So now I’m not tied to anything except my Droid. I’m free to write anywhere I am and even upload to my blog page or save it until I’m on my computer, and at my convenience.

I am so stoked with this new function on my phone, it’s just plain awesome. So I guess what I’m saying is, this being the beginning of the Droid revolution, and I’m on the ground floor. Although it seems more like the launch pad at the rate I’m seeing this phone advance.

Bill Collier


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