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Free Choice

Posted in Blogroll on October 31, 2008 by activeinspiration

Well here we are, on the home stretch.  Not for the candidates, but hopefully for our decision.
It takes time to get to know someone, and our first impression is basically wrong all the time. 

So have we considered our future? Have we thoughtfully weighed the benefits each candidate promises? Are they true promises? Can they follow through and make them a reality?

I know I’m asking questions impossible to answer, but our President will answer them in time. Will his answer be satisfactory to you?  If not, what will you do?

Bill Collier



Posted in Blogroll on October 30, 2008 by activeinspiration

I have considered doing this before, so I am going to give it a try. When I Started this blog my desire was to write from Inspiration. But I began writing articles about current issues I felt inspired to write about.

Well I am going to take a turn and go with smaller blogs more ofter, I hope once a day. I want to write blessings to you my readers. Sort of give you things to think about through the day.

I will be doing most of this from my PDA so the good news is, they will be short and to the point.

So I hope this will be unique and a bit different to what you might be use to reading.

Bill Collier

Homeowners defaulting their loans to capitalize on the bailout

Posted in Blogroll on October 7, 2008 by activeinspiration

Today a person I was talking with told me that he was letting his mortgage go into default on purpose so he can take advantage of the bail out that is coming for those in trouble with their mortgage loans.  He said he was still saving his mortgage payments with a family member so in case he had to, he could pay his payments before he lost his home. 

He did say he has a very high house payment, that is what he committed to when he thought his equity was going to go up even higher.  His plan of course was to refinance his home with higher equity and also easy qualifying requirements to get a lower interest rate and a lower payment. 

He finally told me that a family member had told him about this person that would advise him through the process and his charge would be only  $4,000.00.  I tried to explain to him that they hadn’t even finished designing the bail out plan.  We don’t even know who will qualify, or what the criteria for getting help will be.   He didn’t care, he simply was convinced that he will get a smaller loan and a cheaper house payment.

I spent today questioning myself, did I miss something?  Had I totally been somewhere else, like a different planet and didn’t get the email or a flyer in the snail mail offering this fabulous deal?  However, I am concerned how many real estate agents might be counseling their clients to do just this sort of thing.  Maybe some are the ones who have moved into a different line of business called “loan restructuring specialist” or something.

Boy!  I need to start doing this to, just on a part time basis maybe.  Not!  I don’t want to go to jail, its fraud plain and simple.  You would think when someone in a suit tells you to risk your home, not to mention your credit, and puts the proverbial carrot called greed in your face.  Then tells you to fork over $4,000.00 and he will make it happen?  Well this person had to come up with $2,000.00 now and the remainder upon completion.  On top of this he didn’t get any guarantees, how could he?  He doesn’t know what the final loan or interest rate will be, nothing.

Unfortunately we all new this sort of thing would happen one way or another.  The con artists always show up when there is a way to con people.  I am just surprised that the same greed that got a lot of people in California into this problem, is the same motivation  that is causing them even more harm.

Well as we all wait to see the full effect of this financial nightmare as it unfolds, I believe we need to stay calm and take care of what we can and hold on to see what this bail out really means.  I don’t believe anyone will benefit from it or be able to capitalize on it to their advantage.  I hope it will save those people out there who really want to keep their homes so that their families will have a place to live.  I think also that we need to ask God for help and direction and wisdom to do the right thing.

Bill Collier

What’s become of the News Agencies today?

Posted in Blogroll on October 4, 2008 by activeinspiration

I have been bombarded by our so called news agencies long enough to witness the new phenomenon of what once was neutral reporting.  To what is obviously now only sided news reporting.  You might be asking where have you been?  And you are right.  I in the past had the attitude of who cares, its all biased anyway.  I must confess, this time I have gotten interested, because of what I have been hearing.  I would have left talking about these topics such as the election to those who liked this sort of stuff.  However this time I can’t help feeling a since of concern for the personal agenda being purported by these agencies

My question is what has happened to our country?  Why did the news agencies become so biased, favoring candidates.  All of the discussions about Sara Palin’s ability to serve as Vice President and how they are capping on how comical it is to even consider her.  Who is qualified according to this standard that is being set?  How would Obama fair, or anyone else?  This is not even the American way of doing things nor is it a characteristic of American freedom.

If you don’t want her as VP, don’t vote.  Why would you try to convince the people of The United States of America  towards your opinion.  Oh just reporting the news isn’t enough for you.  Well Who is in charge here?  Who made these so called news reporting agencies an authority on who should run and who is qualified?  Is this the kind of Nation we have become?  The American People are your bosses and I believe these news reporting agencies have lost touch with their audience.  They have forgotten there functioning place in society, or are trying to be something other than their historical character?

I believe we are on a new threshold looking towards news reporting in the future.  These agencies are quickly becoming obsolete and have served their purpose in their present state.  They have now become an influence that is counter productive in this new internet society in which we live.  Now that all of the so called news reporting agencies are owned and controlled by so few, means to me, that they can no longer be trusted with the truth.  Now if you go with the new age concept  that truth is relative, well you can keep being influenced by them.  But if you really want the truth, you might consider what the wonderful people of this country are saying.  That is the truth worth hearing, its called free speech, and its present form is called Blogging.

News people, you are now being held accountable.  In the past you have gotten away with just about everything, but today is a new era and you will be called to the mat for the agenda you promote.  For the first time in history the entire planet has the ability to communicate what it thinks as individuals and the truth is the cream that rises to the surface.  Be afraid be very afraid, the people of the world have a voice.  This new power is not going away, you will be assimilated, or discarded as out of touch and obsolete.

Bill Collier