A Dishonest Man

Proverbs 16:28  A dishonest man spreads strife, and a whisperer separates close friends. ESV


A dishonest man, one who only cares about himself, one who does what he wants to satisfy his own personal gains. One who will use any means he feels will accomplish his goals such as spreading strife. Contention that goes so far as to  find his victims standing before a judge.
A whisperer is that person who in the shadows or even in the bright light of day spreads dissention and conflict between the closest of friends for nothing more than his wanton pride.
As Christians we have been born again. We have left these kind of practices behind in death. We have chosen a life of peace, which is the opposite to these wicked characteristics. We strive to benefit, Bless, and Love those we come in contact with. Wether stranger or friend we consider all to be deserving of God’s Love passing through us to them.
Our interaction with everyone is to leave them better off than before we encounter them, even realizing the Love of Jesus the Christ which is inside of each Christian.


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