Come Closer

Psalm 145:8 The Lord is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. #Bible


This psalm, a Praise to God in His Wonderful work’s and interaction with humanity, shares the reason we fear God, and also why we love God.
One point that comes to mind, is we must be looking for God and His acts in our lives. It’s not enough to just be living our lives labelling what we think is an act of God.
The people in this Psalm of God payed close attention to what was going on around them, they had a sense of the presence of God.
In our preoccupation with the events of our lives we become blind to the works of God, and usually explain them away as something else.
Our Father has always held an invitation to us to draw closer to Him, to experience His Love for us more fully. I don’t believe we can ever exhaust knowing that continued newness of God’s magnificent Love.
Another example of God’s love is in noticing in the Gospel of John a clear image of the Apostle John, the youngest of the Apostles, reclining in the bosom or lap of Jesus. John, young enough to see Jesus as a big brother, and also as a father, gave him a wonderful view of God’s Love, feeling free to recline in the lap of Jesus the Messiah.
I believe this is a wonderful example for us to draw closer to God, knowing that God allows us the liberty to come closer to Him, even an attitude of resting, or reclining in the bosom of God.
It isn’t about us receiving more of Jesus, its about us drawing closer to Jesus.
To shed our worldly ties and drop those sins that entangle us like chains, and move closer to God, even reclining in the Bosom of God our Father. Why? Because that’s where He has desired us to be all along. Think of all of those mentioned in the Word of God like Moses, Jacob or David, and so on, they all had special relationship’s with God, and I believe we are privileged to have these same kinds of relationships also. We just need to come closer.


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