Near God

Psalm 73:28 But for me it is good to be near God; I have made the Lord God my refuge, that I may tell of all your works. #Bible


I’ve been far from God, left to myself, doing what I please, thinking I knew what was best for me. I pursued what I thought I wanted, what would benefit me, and like a house of cards in time it all came crumbling down on top of me.
I was left completely alone wondering why I was born, why I was even alive. The story of my life was the dash between the day I was born and the day I die. In a few years nobody would know I even existed. What was the point?
And you know, I was right. That is life away from God. That is the best I can have in this world away from knowing Jesus the Christ.
Whether you have all the money and fame, or you are just one living one moment at a time scratching to get by, paycheck to paycheck. That’s the best it will get, sooner than later we will be left wanting. Wanting something so bad that we can’t see straight, anything that will satisfy the emptiness inside.
Away from God is emptiness, nothing exists, it is empty and void. The only good to be had, the only good that lasts, is with God, everything else fails.
When I came near to God, when I declared to God He is my Lord, I began a journey to understand. I began to see my life with God is real, and it is lasting. I now have a reason for why I exist, what I am here for. It’s simple, its to serve the only True and Living God Jehovah. I found my wealth is in my family of God, my wife and the children my God has blessed me with.
But most of all its in my relationship with my Lord God.
Life is wonderful with God. Before was just imaginings compared to my life with Jesus. Then there is my God the Holy Spirit, my companion through this treacherous life. He gives me Peace from on High, God’s Peace, filling that emptiness to overflowing. I Love God.


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