God’s Way

Matthew 6:34 Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. #Bible


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to put on blinders, you know like on a horse pulling a wagon so they can’t see to the right or the left, but only see where the wagon driver aims their head. For us though, its looking ahead that brings anxiety. Maybe blinders that only let us look to the end of the day, yea that might work.
Now that I’m older I really understand what Jesus is saying here, the birds of the sky and the animals, and fish of the sea, even the flowers of the field have no worries about tomorrow, so why should I? God takes care of all of them, so why should I be anxious?
So why do we worry about tomorrow? Do we really believe God has our back, or He will be there when we need Him?
It’s interesting that when all options are exhausted, when all avenues have been traveled, and there is nothing we can do. Isn’t that pretty much where we were when we began to worry? Aren’t we still in a place where we ultimately have to still trust God?
We trust God for every breath in our lungs and every beat in our heart, why not trust Him with tomorrow?
Maybe God created us to be able to see Him in more detail, maybe He wants us to see and understand His Glory with more accuracy than just dependency. Maybe God truly desires for us to be members of His Family.
I believe it’s a blessing from God to be able to know Him better than a flower, or a animal, or a fish. To know Him as my Father, who I can trust and depend on more than anything else He has created in this world.
God is someone who expressed His Love in ultimate ways, like adopting us His creation for His own children, and sending His only begotten Son Jesus to lay down His Life so we can be adopted. What orphan wouldn’t want to be adopted by a Father like God?
Yes a bit long winded, but doesn’t it make worries or anxieties quite small when we quest to know and understand who our Father God really is?
God’s way is the right way because He IS, Yahweh, I Am.
So we really have no excuse to worry, we live to trust God.


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