Matthew 12:50 For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother. #Bible


Whoever does the Will of God is demonstrating their belief, and their faith in God. They have trust, dependence, and reliance in God for their very lives.
When we do, perform, and execute the Will, Purpose, and Desire of God in our lives, we prove we are in the family of God our Father.
Jesus is telling us that whether you are His brother, sister, or mother, we have access to a relationship with Him that encompasses the same closeness and intimacy as with any family member, whether mother, brother, sister, or Father.
Our God is thoroughly wonderful in His desire to have such a close relationship with us. How could we ever reject this perfect Love from our Triune God? Who expresses His Love to us in three Persons.
God is waiting for you to come home to Him with open arms. Ask Him to forgive you of your rebellious sins, and turn to Jesus asking Him to save you from the destruction that is coming to all who reject Jesus.


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