Life, parasites, pleasures, and possibilities

This is a repost from a while ago.


We go through life living these peculiar lives, absorbing things around us, enduring the unknown.  Everything effecting us, influencing our actions, directing our paths.  It seems at times that it is quite insane, even the feeling of how can I go on with things like this.  Only to give way in the next moment to a feeling of bliss as something good happens.  It’s crazy at times, yea real crazy, but we go on, enduring and enjoying, being entertained if we can step back in our heads and take a look at the bigger picture.

I think the biggest problem we have is that we are so into ourselves, caught up in what we are going through, saying to others “you just don’t understand me”.  We live blind to the basic truth that is all around us, “Life”.  So we come back to that basic question that each one of us have to ask, and I believe do quite regularly.  What’s it all about?  Why am I here?  What for?  Even in this dilemma, we have the feeling that makes us say “Time please stop, so I can rest”

I don’t believe there is any human being that has the right or complete answer.  I believe it is something that is necessary for us to look away from ourselves, if we want to in any way understand this dilemma called Life.  There are those that do this in a partial sort of way.  Maybe give the appearance of doing this only to be discovered down the road of life to be stuck on themselves.  Maybe that is the best we can do to accomplish this task, maybe the point is to keep striving to accomplish this quest of perfection or completeness.

I have no clue what made me write this other than Inspiration.  A sort of boiling within me wanting to get out.  You see I believe I have found this Truth of Life, and I found myself so dissatisfied with what I had accomplished in my life that I had to look away, knowing there was nothing left in me that could answer my questions.  Being a realist and maybe I don’t know exactly what that means, but for me what ever I found outside of me had to be real.  I’m not a follower, nor am I one who can lye to myself, well not for long.  So it must be real, period.

To my surprise the Answer of Life was right next to me all the time.  He was there speaking to me in a soft voice that dripped like honey with His Love for me, the most perfect love that required me to learn about it, just to understand.  It didn’t happen all at once for me to understand, it took time, and I had to learn His Love.  Yes it took Life to do that, I had to begin living with Him involved in my life, I had to listen, and apply, and obey His direction for my life.  As I did, there was a sensation of awakening, a feeling like I had just got my sight, I could see for the first time.  My perspective on life had changed and I was no longer thinking like me, but I found myself thinking like Him.  Everything was new, everything was beginning to make sense. 

Thinking like me just caused me to live a life of wanting, and always what I didn’t have.  Contentment and satisfaction were impossibilities, and only my futile attempt at attaining this level of security which was just show for others.  Until I became honest with myself and confessed that I needed God to keep living.  Now I know that there is no life away from God, because HE IS LIFE!  His Love for us He expressed in His Son Jesus the Christ, not in words but in action, in Life. 

He came to our planet and lived like us, even looking like us, enduring life just as we do in all of the issues we face.  Not only did He survive, but endured the worst punishment that man can dish out, even the rejection of His own Father God.  Jesus could have just entered Heaven, because He lived the Perfect Life, but He choose to take my punishment which is death, because of my rebellion against God. 

So I understand and appreciate this life I now live.  To my surprise the life I lived wasn’t even life at all, I was just groping in the dark trying to find meaning.  Well Jesus didn’t let me stay there in that state of uncertainty, He lifted me up to a life with Him.  A life that is based on contentment and satisfaction in Jesus and living in His presence for the rest of my life in peace with God my Father.  No more rebellion insisting on my own way, but now God’s way because it is the right way.  And you know what?  I can’t help but tell you this, you know when you have a good thing you want everyone to have it?  Well Jesus is the “Good Thing”, and I can’t understand now, why anyone would want to live another minute without Him in your life.  So if you don’t know Jesus, or you have wandered away from Him.  Call His Name ask Him to forgive you and come into your life, and He will, I know it, because He is real.

Bill Collier


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