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Listen and Remember

Posted in Blogroll on April 28, 2015 by activeinspiration

Proverbs 19:20 Listen to advice and accept instruction so that you will gain wisdom for your future. #Bible


Its what we do now with the advice or instruction that we receive, that is important.
I believe that the Lord never allows us to enter a situation unprepared. God always prepares us for our future events if we allow Him.
Walking with God teaches us the governance and leadership of God. As in the days of Jesus being on this planet, He spent some three years preparing His Apostles for the greatest moment in time and what was to follow, Jesus’s crucification and resurrection.
If we pay close attention to Jesus our Lord, as in the close intimate relationship we need to maintain with Him. We will see His instruction, in His word the Bible, we will hear it in the Preaching, and even in our interaction with our Family of God. God is always speaking to us. Its like tuning in a radio station, we need to tune into God.
A intimate relationship with God isn’t difficult, we just need to talk to Him. If you have trouble hearing God, then get closer, like reading your Bible out loud. Then you will hear God speak, its your voice, but God’s Words.
The beauty of reading the Bible every day is that before long as your praying to God with questions or concerns, or even needs. You will begin remembering Bible verses that pertain to your inquiries in prayer. That is a good feeling. The first step in being wise is to listen to God, and remember.