Romans 8:6 For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace. #Bible


Our flesh puts many demands on our minds. If you don’t drink water, eat food, or get proper rest, your body will eventually stop functioning properly, or even die.
Have you ever fasted? Wow, your flesh preoccupies your mind like there’s no tomorrow. Your thoughts are totally consumed with hunger.
Our flesh puts even more demands on us, like lust, or pride, or selfishness, even emotions. All of these take us in all sorts of directions, and all have an end leaving us with a lack of satisfaction, a urge for more hoping for permanence, but never reaching it.
To live after the Spirit here refers to the third person of our Triune God. The Spirit of God And the Spirit of Christ.
No demands are made, no part of our flesh is attracted, enticed, or forced just to survive. Only Eternity which God has hidden within our hearts that says there has to be more than just this life. If we are honest with ourselves we know this to be true.
Living with our minds set on the Spirit means we are empowered to reject the demands of our flesh, living to obey the leadership of our God. Living to consume every Word from the mouth of God which is written in the Holy Bible.
Christ’s Spirit leads us on the correct paths of life walking with God in a intimate and personal relationship with Him, through what Jesus accomplished in living the life the Law of God requires, that we can’t live, and dying the death in our place that we deserve for our rebellious sins.
Now with our sins condemned to our flesh, we are free to live our lives in our new existence with our mindset on the Holy Spirit, that outcome is Peace. Peace with God, which allows us to have peace with our fellow man.
I believe there is more to experience, keeping our mind set on the Holy Spirit. Following God’s lead is the greatest adventure mankind can experience in this life. The delima is not letting our flesh cause us to meander on every lust.
We are traveler’s passing through this temporary life on our way to the life we were intended for, in the presence of God our Father for Eternity. Why stay in this state of frustration and pain? Evolve to where you are intended to be, with Jesus your Big Brother and your Father God who creates everything. Ask Jesus to save you from your earthly self.


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