Proverbs 14:30 A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh, but envy makes the bones rot. #Bible


The tranquil heart, is a heart that is healed, or is healthy, or sound. The heart was understood to be the seat of consciousness, of thought, emotion, intellect, wisdom, and so on.
Envy, positively can be a zealous desire to increase in possessions or wealth. With the idea of providing for and protecting one’s family.
Envy, negatively can be zealous in wanting another’s possessions.
Having a tranquil heart or mind, is to be at peace. To be contented with ones accomplishments and wisdom of life. This gives life to ones flesh and those they care for.
While envy negatively causes one to desire and to open ones mouth and speak ignorantly in their lust for what another possess. In doing so makes the person to suffer in mind as well as their health, to the point their bones wrought.
Bones are the strength of the body, and when they wrought, the body weakens.
Interestingly all of this starts in the mind, but the effects are revealed in the body whether positively, or negatively.
Its simple do what is pleasing to our Lord and it is pleasing to others around us. We are a blessing to be used by the Lords Hand rather than a curse to family and those around us.
Living healthy starts with our being right with our God, which directly effects everything else in this life.


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