Our Supreme Guardian

Jud 1:24-25 To him who is able to guard you from falling, and to bring you into his glorious presence, blameless and rejoicing — 25 to the one God, our Savior, be ascribed, through Jesus Christ, our Lord, glory, majesty, power, and dominion, as it was before time began, is now, and will be for all time to come. Amen.


What a salutation, the Apostle Paul is excitedly in praise mode. All of us remembering from this text join in with Paul in the excited expectation of what God our Father is doing for each one of us who call on the Name of Jesus, who declare Him our Lord and Savior.
Guarding us from falling? That is awesome! God has our back, He’s there to keep us from falling, but not from intentional sin, choice trumps God’s hand from helping. Grace however, is there when we repent from our sin.
God is bringing us into His Glorious presence, and we are rejoicing and praising our Wonderful God and Savior Jesus the Christ for all time.
How could anyone reject God? What part of our lives could possibly be of more benefit than to live with God?
Stop worshipping the world and come to Jesus before it is to late. You will even loose what you are holding on to that keeps you from the Creator of everything? Turn from your rebellious sin today, come home to Jesus.


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