Train up a child

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. #Bible


Raising children in today’s society can be very difficult. This verse council’s us that there is a way, and that is God’s way.
Training up a child speaks of starting from the beginning, even to start the baby breastfeeding by putting something sour on the infants roof of the mouth to start them sucking. Then training them or setting them on the correct path to adulthood. The idea is if done properly and rightly, and Godly the child will stay on the straight and narrow.
Unfortunately not all individuals choose this path in life with the least resistance.
I think training up our children in the way of our Lord, teaching them about God, And what God has to say about the issues of life is the best system for curtailing our parental worries.
It is so wonderful to watch our children living a life in Christ Jesus. For those who have a child who has chosen the ways of the world, keep petitioning God the Father of all, praying to the point of bugging God to return our children back to the way of Righteousness.
I imagine that way of righteousness will look quite attractive after time spent in the world. I know because I was one of these children who found out that Gods way is the right way because He is Yahweh.


One Response to “Train up a child”

  1. Becky Miller Says:

    This reminded me of my mom. She was always so faithful, and she always guided us so well. I look at my life now, and I know that it is so filled of good, because my mom taught me to fill my life with God.


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